Sasanian Caviar – American Caviar That Rivals The Imports

Caviar is an expensive treat, seemingly suitable only for the wealthy. However, with Sasanian Caviar, anyone can feel like a king for a day if they’re willing to invest in some delicious fish roe. What is Sasanian Caviar, and where is it located? Learn more about the company here.

Sasanian Caviar is the largest American caviar distributor and processor, selling high-class imported and domestic caviars. They also offer various gourmet products, like truffles, oils, spices, squid ink, and foie gras. Their HQ is in Florida, and their processing and distribution are HACCP, FDA, and USDA approved.

Small pieces of bread and meat with black caviar on top
Sasanian Caviar is the top-rated caviar and luxury goods importer in the US

Learn more about this caviar importer here and where to buy their products if you feel like eating some fish roe soon.

What Is Sasanian Caviar? Company Origins and History

Sasanian Caviar is the top-rated American importer and distributor of caviar and other gourmet goods, like truffles, squid ink, foie gras, and spices. They operate from a small town called Sunrise in South Florida and deliver across the country.

Anyone located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach can get their delivery the same day; Sasanian packages their products fresh and ships them in thermo-secure boxes. They’re suppliers to numerous culinary experts, fine-dining restaurants, and fine-food enthusiasts.

They’re top-rated because they import high-quality caviars, such as Osetra, and distribute domestically produced ones, like whitefish roe and American bowfin roe. Their selection is wide-ranging, so roe lovers can find many new flavors to try next.

Their business is regulated and operated under the USDA, FDA, and HACCP guidelines.

As you can see, Sasanian Caviar is a serious and high-quality fish roe seller and distributor. When you see something packed and shipped by them, rest assured that it’s a top-notch product worth every penny.

Two people off-screen processing caviar in a steel bowl
Sasanian Caviar is a company that earned its position as the best gourmet and luxury goods distributor

Imported Caviars Include Osetra, Truffle Pearl, and Lobster Roe

If you’re eager to try imported caviars, go for something with an established name and famous quality, like Osetra. If you want some cheaper luxuries, go for the Fine Lobster Roe, which is extracted from female lobsters, as Sasanian claims, “sustainably and ethically.”

On the other hand, if you have something against caviar (since there’s an entire controversy on how it’s harvested,) you can go for the Truffle Pearl, a type of vegan caviar made from Italian black winter truffle juice, solidified.

Other luxury caviars imported and sold by Sasanian include:

  • Kaluga,
  • Elite Reserve,
  • Siberian Baerii,
  • Onix Royale,
  • Premium Sturgeon,
  • Perlas.

There Are Various Kinds of Osetra Caviar, Like Imperial, Russian, and Classic

Osetra is one of the finest caviars in the world. It comes in various colors, depending on the fish and area it’s extracted from, which is why Sasanian sells it in different options.

In short, Osetra is caviar extracted from the Russian Ossetra sturgeon, which typically swims in the Caspian Sea. Their eggs can vary in color, from golden to deep brown; lighter roe is more valuable. Because this species faces extinction, many manufacturers have found ways to produce it artificially while being ethical and sustainable.

Sasanian Caviar sells as many as six Osetra caviar varieties. Their prices depend on the size of the packaging, the color of the roe, and the country of origin. These are the Osetra varieties you can buy at Sasanian:

  • Classic Osetra – classic in flavor and type, the Classic Osetra has a nutty and fresh taste as soon as you take a bite. This is the cheapest and the best starter option for those eager to get into the caviar world,
  • Russian Osetra – this batch is made in Poland. However, it tastes like the real thing because they learned how Caspian Osetra is typically processed and worked. It has a salty, natural taste reminiscent of the sea,
  • Venezia Osetra – this batch is also grown artificially in Venice, Italy, and produced from original Caspian Osetra eggs. They took the old recipe and process and adapted it to their conditions. The flavor is salty and buttery with a nutty finish,
  • Osetra Supreme White Sturgeon Caviar – as the name suggests, this caviar is supreme, both in taste and quality. It’s made from white sturgeon and is considered the best tasting of all sturgeon caviars (and any other type, really)
  • Royal Osetra – going on the expensive side, the name suggests this caviar is nothing short of roe-yalty. It’s one of the lighter caviars around, slightly amber in color, with a fresh flavor and a nutty finish,
  • Imperial Osetra – the most expensive osetra caviar, packed in gold tins. The color is quite close to golden, with only 10% of all Imperial Osetra in the world actually being golden. It has the most robust and rich taste of all caviars.

Sasanian Also Imports Iranian Caviars

As mentioned before, the roe of fish from the Caspian sea is the highest quality roe you can find. Iran and Russia are just two out of five countries with this sea at their borders. It’s no wonder, then, that Iranian caviars come out on top, head-to-head with Russian.

You can get two kinds of Iranian caviars at Sasanian – the Iranian Pearl Asetra 000 and the Iranian Pearl Baerii 000. They both come from sustainably farmed sturgeons and are rich in color and flavor.

A tiny bowl of dark caviar next to some crepes
Osetra comes from the Caspian Sea, and it’s the finest caviar known to man

They Also Have Domestic Caviars, from American Bowfin to Whitefish

It’d be hard to talk about Sasanian without mentioning their locally produced and distributed fish products. Caviar can be extracted from most fish, but they learned which one tastes the best and gives Russian caviars a run for their money.

Some of the best-rated domestic caviars are:

  • Fresh Alaskan Salmon – salmon caviar is also known as Ikura, and it’s mainly used for sushi and other Asian dishes. The process of extracting salmon roe is similar to Russian extraction methods, but the flavor is very different – salmon caviar has a distinct pop and crunch while eating and has a salty and bitter aftertaste,
  • American Bowfina type of black caviar from the Bowfin fish in Louisiana. It’s also known as “Cajun Caviar” and “Choupique” and is considered the best black caviar in the world,
  • Whitefish Caviar – this golden-yellow fish roe is one of the most impressive caviars, used for appetizers and gourmet brunches. It’s from whitefish imported from Canada,
  • Wild Catch Almas Albino – one of the rarest caviars in the world; it’s golden yellow, with slightly bigger pearls than whitefish, and carries a robust and firm flavor.

The Louisiana Pearl Is One of Sasanian’s Best Rated Caviars

The Louisiana Pearl caviar is extracted from Louisiana’s own Bowfin fish. It’s different from the regular Bowfin roe because of the processing technique. This one’s cured with pure sea salt and served in restaurants and esteemed seafood establishments.

If you’re looking for domestic products with global taste and refinement, go for any caviars listed above or the Louisiana Pearl. It’s bound to make you love everything about caviar and its supreme, rich taste.

Dark caviar on top of a cracker with some honey and cheese
Bowfin fish caviar is the finest American caviar in the world

Other Types of Gourmet Foods You Can Get Here

Besides many caviars, Sasanian offers other gourmet ingredients and foods hard to come by wholesale. From chocolate pearls to cutlery for your caviars, you can get everything under one roof.

One of the most sought-after products is Italian white truffles, which Sasanian sells and packages fresh. They’re in season between October and December, but you can often get them year-round on Sasanian’s website.

Lovers of the famous French spread foie gras can get this product in Sasanian’s shop, too. It comes in a 2-pound bag divided into 16 individual pieces that you can prepare however you like. This foie gras is produced in Hudson Valley, New York.

Finally, you’ll need something nice to serve your caviar in, so why not go for the Michael Aram Coral caviar server? It’s handmade stainless steel, nickel-plated bowl with a base shaped like coral.

It’s a fancy way to serve some gourmet ingredients, and the best part is it comes with a matching spoon and coral handle.

White truffles on a chopping board and stone surface
Try some Italian white truffles next to your caviar

Sasanian Caviar Promises Quality, Diverse Products, and Excellent Taste

Sasanian Caviar is a company that prides itself on thoroughness, quality, and style. They have everything a luxury lover might need while simultaneously being affordable enough to provide luxury for those that want more out of life.

You can purchase domestic and imported luxury goods from Sasanian and have fun trying some of the most gourmet foods and ingredients in the world. What would life be without a sprinkle of luxury here and there? Try some caviar and enjoy yourself whenever possible.