Texas Caviar With Avocado Recipe

Looking for a perfect dish that you can make quickly and with a small number of ingredients? Texas caviar with avocado recipe is the ideal thing to pull off when you need to make something tasty and refreshing for your loved ones. It is a perfect party dip, main dish, and also a complimentary dish to some other meals. Trust us, you will love making this fun meal!

Texas Caviar with avocado

The Texas caviar with avocado is super easy to make and requires ingredients that you most likely already have around your kitchen. This fun recipe contains lots of fresh vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, avocado, and onion – all mixed together and finished with a tasty dressing and some chop.

Texas Caviar With Avocado Is a Perfect Dip for All Occasions

Thinking about what food to prepare every day or when you have guests coming over can be pretty overwhelming. On one side, you want to try something new and different. We know how hard it is to think of some good recipes or find a perfect one among dozens of different recipes on the internet.

That is why we have decided to share a perfect recipe for Texas caviar with avocado. This “southern creation” is perfect for all kinds of occasions, especially as a delicious party dip for when you have company at your house. You will undoubtedly prove yourself as an amazing host and a great cook in front of your guests after serving them this incredible meal.

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Preparing This Unique and Delicious Dip Is Super Easy and Fast

The first thing you need to know is that this dish actually has nothing to do with caviar. The name Texas caviar is just a funny nickname for this dip, which does not include any kind of fish roe. It is only an imitation of caviar. The dish is super quick and easy to make. In a short amount of 15 minutes, you will be able to prepare a meal that can feed around 30 people.

You don’t need to prepare any kind of special equipment – a bowl and a stirring spoon are everything you need for this recipe. Additionally, you probably already have the majority of the ingredients you will need for this mixture at home – if not, you will easily find them at any store.

What Ingredients Go Into the Texas Caviar and Avocado Mixture

Before you start mixing the products, you might want to ensure that you have everything you need in front of you. You can moderate the number of ingredients however you like, but you can also follow the instructions from the main recipe. The ingredients you are going to be needing are

  • 2 cans of black-eyed peas,
  • 1 medium sweet onion,
  • ½ cup of jalapeno peppers,
  • 8 fluid ounces of Italian dressing,
  • 2 tomatoes,
  • Cayenne pepper,
  • 2 avocados.

The Recipe Instructions Are Quite Simple

Once you have all your ingredients in front of you, it is time to prepare them. You should first start with cleaning and peeling the avocado, after which you can chop the tomatoes, onion, jalapeno peppers, and avocado.

Once everything is chopped up, put the ingredients in a bowl and mix them up. Use a larger bowl so everything can mix heavenly without spilling around your kitchen and making a mess. Once everything is mixed, add the Italian dressing and season it with some pepper. And voila, your dish is done and ready to be served.

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Tips for Making Your Texas Caviar With Avocado Recipe Taste Better

The recipe you have read above is the standard recipe and the most popular one. However, every chef likes to moderate recipes according to their own taste and preferences, and so can you. If you wish to be over the top and make this recipe taste even better, you might want to consider applying some of these next few tips. If you want to upgrade your texas caviar with avocado, consider doing some of these steps:

  • Make a homemade Italian dressing for the dip – if you follow some traditional recipes you can find online, the dip will taste much better than the ones you can find in supermarkets.
  • Stir in the avocados just before the serving – the fresher the avocados, the better the dish will taste and look. We suggest you toss them into the mixture right before serving so your guest can eat cowboy caviar with the freshest ingredients.
  • Add more seasoning – depending on your preferences, you can add the amount of seasoning you wish. Choose the seasonings that you think are the most appropriate for this recipe and use them.
  • Use fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones – this will make the entire dip taste richer and more delicious.
  • Add some more ingredients – if you want to make your dip taste richer, you can add more ingredients. The best combinations would be crumbled bacon, feta cheese, cotija cheese, chicken, or some other dressing you like. Combine it however you feel is the best.
  • You can add real caviar – in case you wish to make this meal more exclusive, adding real fish roe caviar can be really thrilling. You can find some caviar in Whole Foods or simply order caviar online.

The Nutritional Value Behind This Recipe Is Pretty Well

Depending on the type of ingredients you put in, this dish can be considered pretty healthy. The standard recipe has 132 calories per serving – which is a nice number for calories. If you take great care of your health and diet, you might be interested in learning more about the nutritional value of this dish. In the table below, you can find all the important information you need to know.

TypeAmountDaily Value
Total Fat2.33 g4%
Cholesterol0.45 mg0%
Sugars1.19 g5%
Total Carbs92.28 mg2%

Save This Recipe and Try It Out on the First Occasion

The Texas caviar with avocado is a recipe that the majority of people love, as it has all the nice ingredients. Whenever you need some cooking inspiration, I highly recommend you try out this interesting recipe. You can mix and match ingredients you love and serve them to your hungry guests. I am one hundred percent sure that you and your loved ones will adore it.