Best Caviar in Whole Foods

Whether you want to use it as a spread for your sandwich or as an accompaniment for your wine, caviar never disappoints. With the increased demand for caviar, I aimed to discover all the secrets behind this food, and, surprisingly, I bumped into high-quality yet affordable products.

If you prefer Whole Foods caviar without excessive preservatives and additives, I have selected some of the best the market offers. These include;

  1. Kaluga Caviar
  2. OLMA Beluga Hybrid Caviar
  3. Premium Sturgeon Osetra Caviar
  4. Marky’s Sevruga Caviar
  5. Caviart Seaweed Caviar

Caviar is part of many households, and it comes in different forms containing various ingredients. But, how available is it? Does Whole Foods have caviar? If you have always wanted to eat this meal, but are concerned about your and your family’s health, I have sampled some of the best Whole Foods variations to try out. Read on for the best caviars at Whole Foods.

The Best Caviars in Whole Foods

First off, does Whole Foods sell caviar? Whole Foods carries a variety of caviar options, ranging from sustainably sourced to premium imported brands. The selection can include caviar from species such as sturgeon, salmon, and paddlefish, and is often sold in different grades and sizes of tins. Whole Foods also offers accompaniments such as crackers, crème fraîche, and blinis to complete a caviar experience.

The selection may vary by store location and availability, but you can often find a nice variety of premium-grade caviar at Whole Foods. Whether you’re looking for classic favorites like Beluga or Osetra or something more adventurous like Trout Roe, there’s no better place to go if you want the highest quality caviar. Not only that, but you can usually find some great deals on caviar at Whole Foods thanks to their competitive pricing and frequent promotional discounts.

What Types Does This Store Offer?

When it comes to caviar Whole Foods, they offer the following types of this delicacy:

  • Sturgeon caviar (such as Kaluga, Osetra, and Sevruga,)
  • Salmon,
  • Paddlefish,
  • Trout,
  • Lumpfish,
  • American bowfin,
  • Whitefish caviar.

In this guide, I have combined the best caviar in Whole Foods with the ones you can order online, focussing on those not heavily processed. Read on for a detailed description.

Marky’s Sevruga Premium Sturgeon Caviar

Marky’s Sevruga was my first taste of sophisticated Sturgeon caviar when I got curious about the hype around it. It is one of the priciest options I have had, but the taste makes it worth every penny. This high-quality malossol meal has always appealed to me, mainly due to the smooth and savory flavor that bursts in the mouth. 

It tops my list of the finest caviars in the market. I find it nutty, smooth, and aromatic, of perfect medium-sized pearls, and the Sevruga always has a distinct flavor. You will not go wrong when you serve it in a black-tie event and pair it with wine. These refined grains give it a dark grayish-to-black tone and make the table look pretty exclusive. 

It is perfect for a high-end restaurant experience and adds a touch of sophistication to your food. Most importantly, unlike other types, Marky’s Sevruga doesn’t have artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It is also assuring that it is high quality, checked, and approved by FDA, HACCP, and USDA. 

Besides the great taste, this caviar is also healthy for the entire family and is rich in vitamins and minerals for high immunity and strong bones. As a culinary enthusiast, I find this a significant component of any meal since the Sturgeon is my go-to for black caviar. Many new consumers are often concerned about the Whole Foods caviar price tag, but the high quality makes it worth buying. Kaluga Caviar 

If you need a whole meal without additives, my other option is the Kaluga caviar from Bemka. The company harvests Kaluga from Huso Dauricus sturgeons. It is one of the most renowned brands when I think about top-notch roe and caviar.

The second the eggs pop in the mouth, they slowly melt like chocolate and glide like butter. It leaves behind a remarkable natural flavor, and the taste lingers in the mouth long after you have finished. It ticks my boxes for cost-friendly varieties yet still boasts of similar qualities you can expect from other top-dollar types. Interestingly, I noticed that the egg size, taste, and tinge match the Beluga caviar except for the nutty flavor since Kaluga only offers buttery tangs. 

I was initially skeptical about it, particularly with the small jar serving, but the incredible taste and quality were convincing. Since I’m cautious about excessive additives, I appreciate that the salt level in the container is below 2%, enough for it to stay fresh and tasty all the time. I am also excited that this Kaluga variety doesn’t contain any preservatives great for consumers with specific allergies. 

OLMA Beluga Hybrid Caviar

Also known as the Beluga Sturgeon Caviar, this is another personal favorite and stands out as one of the top-ranked black roes worldwide from OLMA. The caviar is a combination of two sturgeons; Acipenser Baerii and Huso Huso breed. Even as a black caviar enthusiast who has tried out several such types, I admit that much work has gone into making this fish product.

It has a buttery and nutty taste that is quite prominent with the Siberian Sturgeons. However, Beluga has distinctive characteristics; creamy and richly savory flavor in larger grains with a grayish-white tinge. I would gladly recommend this caviar even to a first-timer or an enthusiast with experience in other brands and who wants to explore more options. 

Beluga Hybrid Caviar has a low salt content because the makers use pure sea salt during preservation and preparation. This technique ensures that the caviar retains its natural malossol flavor, which is native to Russia. Beluga may be the rarest and most expensive caviar, and many find it the tastiest. Luckily, OLMA meets the expectations. The eggs sell at 185$ an ounce, but the exceptional quality makes it worth the price.

Premium STURGEON Osetra Caviar 

This selection is a premium Sturgeon from the Caviar and Caviar brand, whose main ingredients include fish roe and salt. It doesn’t have any additives, making it one of the most natural caviars available. I find the flavor outstanding, particularly the indigenous fresh sea hint. The STURGEON Osetra achieves an impressive balance between pricing, serving, and quality compared to most caviar products. 

This caviar has a soft butter-like taste and comes in fresh juicy beads that will leave you asking for more. Additionally, the packers transport them safely and preserve them using Caspian “non-pasteurized” methods to retain freshness. Once I open it, I usually place it in a refrigerator, preferably at the coldest end, to preserve it. 

However, a jar can stay safe for up to two months. Given the various types in the market, it is only wise to ensure that you comply with the manufacturer’s specifications on the product. The two-ounce caviar can serve two or four people. I usually like it with my vegetables and a cold beverage as an accompaniment for a full stomach. 

Caviart Seaweed Caviar

Let’s take a slight detour from conventional fish-based caviar to vegan caviar. I am usually open to exploring different tastes and ingredients; therefore, I decided to try the seaweed version. If you are vegan and you are wondering where your option lies, I am pleased to present Caviart’s award-winning gluten-free product. 

This meal is cruelty-free, doesn’t have gluten, cholesterol, or soy, and is an exceptional substitute for fish caviar. It is from Denmark and is one of the best choices for caviar lovers who don’t want fish or other animal products. When I wanted to try it out, I expected a whole new taste besides the regular caviar, but the result was shocking. 

It was similar to the actual caviar with the proper salt amount. Also, it did not discolor my food and had a hint of brine. I didn’t smell any strange chemicals, and it was not runny, guaranteeing high quality. The spread was smooth, and the first taste I experienced was salt. There are only a few preservatives added, but the meal comes in a large jar considering the price. 

Therefore, it is a great affordable alternative since there is no significant difference from true caviar. Another impressive feature I noticed is that the jar can last up to three months after first use. You can try the seaweed with starters for the best combination since it goes well with several dishes. 

What You Should Know About Caviar

Caviars come in varieties, and each appeals to specific consumers. The conventional Caspian versions are the Osetra, Sevruga, and Beluga. The largest species is Beluga which produces massive gray eggs synonymous with their soft texture and clean taste. 

Osetra follows closely in size and maturity age, and their eggs are medium with a grayish-brown, green, or dull ivory hue. Unlike Beluga, it is typically nutty, although less creamy. On the other hand, Sevruga forms the majority and is the smallest of the bunch weighing up to 80 pounds and measuring three feet. 

After seven years, they produce tiny dark buttery eggs. Compared to other types, Sevruga caviar usually has a robust sea-salt taste. Caviar also takes different forms like Siberian, Kaluga, and White, which are relatively more affordable than the main types. Besides the variations, it is also essential to note that caviar varies in grade and freshness. 

While grade 1 consists of more extensive and well-formed pearls, grade 2 tends to be less fragile and doesn’t have the same shape. Secondly, when you buy your product, it is best to check the shelf life specifications and best storage. As soon as you open it, it is best to store it in the fridge and use it within the recommended number of days.

The Decision

It is exciting that quality caviar doesn’t have to be too expensive or full of preservatives and additives. You can find affordable yet healthy variations even from the primary ingredients. With this in mind, my winner has to be Kaluga caviar, a great brand that is less pricey, smooth, and contains low salt levels. 

My alternative go-to is the OLMA Beluga which ranks top in black caviar and maintains a creamy, savory, and malossol flavor. Another favorite is the Premium Sturgeon Osetra, which matches up in quality with my top two. Lastly, I would also opt for Marky’s Sevruga and Caviart’s seaweed due to their pricing and ingredients.

So if you’re in the market for some delicious caviar, consider taking a trip to your local Whole Foods! You won’t be disappointed.