The Best Caviar in Oakland

If you’re looking for a restaurant or a market where you can taste or buy the best caviar in Oakland, then you should do some research first. Not all places will serve you the highest quality product. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from tasting this delightful food because it’s something everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.

The top-quality caviar in Oakland can be found in Perle Wine Bar and Bistro and Commis/CDP Bar. These places are highly rated by their customers, and they also passed my taste test.

We all know that just a few sentences won’t be enough to convince you which place you should visit. However, keep in mind that I counted in some of the most relevant factors when it comes to picking the right place for tasting this luxurious seafood: the quality and variety of fish roe, service, and hospitality. 

Taste the Best Caviar in Oakland

When you decide to try some of the most expensive delicacies in the world, know that you should find the top-notch places where you can have nothing but the greatest experience. Luckily, the Bright side of the Bay has some top-rated spots. 

However, exploring all the factors that can affect the overall experience for many people can be just too overwhelming. That’s why I took a closer look at each restaurant and will present to you only the ones worth visiting. After that, you can decide which one you’ll visit, or maybe take a tour and check what all of them have to offer. 

Ensure You’re Eating Nothing But the Finest Caviar 

No matter, if you’re new at this or not, going to some of the top-rated places is absolutely a must if you want to have the finest experience and taste fresh delicacies. Don’t let anything ruin the event, especially an unprofessional restaurant. So, here are the restaurants I’ve picked where you can eat some of the best caviar in this major West Coast port city. 

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Perle Wine Bar – Welcome to the Place Where the Price and Quality Finally Meet at the Right Point 

Everybody knows that the French and their cuisine are famous all over the world. So, if you’re up to trying some of their dishes with some of the best wines, then Perle is the right restaurant for you. 

To spice things up, why not try the world’s most expensive delicacy? This bar is also known for offering exquisite caviar mixed with delicious dishes at reasonable prices. 

Dish Price

Perle Caviar Service with California Caviar CO. Royal White Sturgeon

Trio of Oysters Supreme with Smoked Trout Caviar$24
Fried Oyster Deviled Eggs with Smoked Trout Roe$14

Connecting With the Community and Buying Local Is the Chef’s Motto

Being different from so many other restaurants and bars isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, for chef Robert Lam it was never about competition. His devoted work resulted in combining different flavors into perfection, all while thinking about the local community. That’s why he and his team are using only fresh and locally sourced ingredients when preparing food for their guests. 

Commis Will Help You Explore Just the Right Taste of This Delicacy

Since caviar can be considered as an expensive and even luxury treat, you can elevate the experience of eating it even more if you go to a place with an equally high reputation. A two Michelin star restaurant, run by chef James Syhabout, Commis, is the right place for that. 

This restaurant has a great reputation, and that means you’ll be served numerous impeccable meals and only fresh caviar. This place is packed pretty much every night, so make sure you make a reservation.

Eating Only the Tastiest Caviar and Drinking the Best Wine Is Guaranteed in a Two Michelin Star Bar and Restaurant

Thanks to Commis’s chef and his open-kitchen experiments, this restaurant has become one of the top-rated places in the country. However, once you put your step into this place and get served with the freshest caviar, you’ll realize that its reputation is well-deserved. 

Order the Luxurious Treat Online From California Caviar Company 

Nowadays, many of us prefer eating even the most luxurious food in the privacy of our homes. So, if you crave a good product, don’t worry! You can have the highest quality caviar delivered to your doorstep by ordering from California Caviar Company.

They guarantee their customers the delivery of only the freshest products and pay attention to every detail, from optimal temperature of 28° – 34° F to special packages for transportation to ensure nothing goes wrong along the way. Here’s a list of different types of caviar you can order from their selection:

  • Golden Russian Osetra,
  • Royal Russian Osetra,
  • Kaluga Hybrid,
  • Siberian Sturgeon,
  • Queen’s Reserve White Sturgeon,
  • Royal White Sturgeon, 
  • Classic White Sturgeon,
  • Hackleback Sturgeon,
  • Paddlefish Sturgeon.

Feeling Good Comes From Eating Good

Embark the adventure of tasting this expensive delicacy because it’s most certainly worth all the money you’ll spend. Not only will your palate be thankful, but your mind and body too. You will get an immediate impression that you’re by the sea. So, go to one of the places where you can find only the best of this product or order it online, and see for yourself what’s so special about caviar.