Caviar Russe (Review)

A prestigious Michelin Star restaurant that serves one of the world’s most exclusive delicacies, Caviar Russe has been indulging New Yorkers and other admirers of good taste for more than two decades. Aside from a world-class dining experience, you can enjoy one of the world’s famous delicacy caviar. 

Caviar Russe is one of the biggest importers of caviar in the US. Caviar Russe, a Michelin Star restaurant located in New York, imports world-class caviars from a small-batch sturgeon farm in Germany. They are ensuring a top-quality product made from authentic breeding. You can try Caviar Russe, an exclusive roe in the restaurant, or order one online from their website.

Aside from the most expensive roe, this restaurant offers a variety of world-class delicacies you can try. They have branches both in New York’s Madison Avenue and Miami’s Brickell Avenue. And since November 2021, customers can enjoy fine specialties in a more relaxed atmosphere at the cocktail bar that was recently opened below the dining room in New York. So let’s see why this restaurant is so popular and whether it is worthy of the Michelin Star title.

Caviar Russe Restaurant Dining Experience  

As you would expect from an eight-time Michelin Star winner, Caviar Russe’s dining experience is nothing but exceptional, though costly. Service is impeccable, and food is worth every penny. And this is not only my opinion. The restaurant has been rated 4.5 on TripAdvisor, 4.9 on OpenTable, and 4.5 on Yelp. There can be found some bad reviews regarding the service (as always) but, overall, people like the restaurant and so do I. The restaurant is located on Madison Avenue, and even though it has its twin in Miami, I will talk about the one in New York. 

Once you step into the building, you will be escorted to the second floor, where the dining room is. From there, you will walk through the kitchen to get to the dining area, which is kind of unusual but nice. The dining area is decorated with chandeliers and wall art, making the whole ambiance feel intimate and elegant. The food and the caviars are truly what you will expect from establishments of this caliber. Perfectly cooked creative meals that outshine even the finest caviars elsewhere and excellent presentation will make you feel like dining with kings. And I don’t need to mention that roe choices and meals with it are excellent.

Michelin Star Is Not Only for Caviar 

Aside from amazing caviar choices and phenomenal champagne and vine carat, this luncheonette is among the best because of its creative and one-of-a-kind menu. From King Crab and Shigoku oysters to white Truffles, you will enjoy some of the most luxurious, nicely prepared meals ever. There are four menus you can choose from, and you can also book a private dining room. There are:

  • Caviar menu – Offering top-class imported and domestic caviars,
  • Classics menu – Classics menu offers everything from diver sea scallop caviar to smoked salmon blinis and crème fraîche. The dishes are anywhere between $45 and $125. 
  • Tasting menu – Three-course tasting for only $175, excellent for seafood lovers and first-time tasters. Here you get to try egg parmesan, nasturtium, sea scallops, burgundy, black truffle, oyster kiwi, miso, caviar, and much more.
  • NYE menu – There are two types of this menu, early and festive. Early is available at 5 pm and costs 500 per person, while festive is at 8 pm and costs $1,000 per person. 

All Good Restaurants Must Have Lounge Bars 

If you are keen to try top-notch delicacies in a more relaxed atmosphere, then you should visit the recently opened Caviar Russe bar. Here you can try top-picked meals served in the dining room, from caviar menu to chilled bowls filled with some of the finest sea world creatures. The “Bites” menu puts elegance and luxury into traditional bar food. While enjoying roe’s best friend champagne, you will be served with caviar-topped lobster rolls and bao with foie gras. Aside from champagne, you can order a variety of drinks, cocktails, European and Californian wines, and a large selection of vodka you can pair with roe.

Try One of the Best Caviars on Site 

Caviar is imported in the US from a small sturgeon farm in Germany. You can either enjoy eating this delicacy in a dining room or order some from their online shop.

Either way, you are in for a treat.

You can try classic Ostera or Siberian Sturgeon caviar as well as rarities like Almas Osetra, Beluga X, and Platinum Osetra.

It is served on ice with traditional accompaniments (spoon, knife, fork, and plate are all made from mother of pearl shells). Take a look at the menu and see for yourself what is on offer.

Name Description Pirce 
Classic OsetraDeep brown in color, nutty flavor, Caspian sea  $95-$3,285
Select OsetraAmber hued eggs, medium to large in grain$145 – $5,045
Gold OsetraThe unique golden eggs, meant for royalty $515-10,295
Platinum OsetraPlatinum-hued pearls, delicate buttery flavor most resemblant to Beluga$345-11,925
Almas OsetraExceptionally rare, strikingly light, golden albino eggs $595-20,885

Aside from the caviars listed above, you can also try a Sterlet, Sevruga, and Siberian Sturgeon, as well as American caviars from Hackleback and Pacific Sturgeon.

Caviar Russe Remains Exceptional 

If you are a caviar enthusiast, you will most likely love this place if you haven’t already visited it. It has a unique collection of sustainable roe and fantastic meals inspired by this delicacy and elegance that comes from its distinguished taste. Even if you are a neophyte in caviar tasting, this place will not let you down because personnel will be at your disposal to explain everything to you. After all, their three-course tasting menus are made exclusively for people who wish to try different flavors reasonably. That can be your starting point in roe tasting.