Trout Roe Review

If you are a person who likes to add salmon caviar and others to the shopping cart, trout roe might be a new product for you. Therefore, be sure to check this trout roe review.

At the moment, trout roe is a less-known product than salmon or sturgeon among caviar enthusiasts. However, it does have its own unique characteristics, and this product is slowly finding its place in every shop and among professional chefs.

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Trout Roe Is a Product Gaining Many Positive Customer Reviews From Caviar Enthusiasts

Fish roe, in general, is a food that has high nutritional value and a wide range of unique tastes. Trout is no exception. This roe is perfectly safe to be eaten raw (people usually add just salt,) but it is also commonly boiled or fried. It has also become a popular garnish and ingredient in both home and professional cooking. The size of the egg is pretty similar to that of salmon and is usually orange in color. Furthermore, people, on account of high caviar prices, are starting to opt for trout roe a lot more. The packaging, of course, follows all standards of caviar. It is insulated and non-perishable, which is ideal for shipping and delivery.

Whether Golden or Rainbow, Trout Caviar Is a Product With Great Taste

Usually, in a well-equipped shop, you can find various types of trout roe, and here is a table of some of the most popular ones:

Rainbow trout roeThis is probably the most popular type, and my view is also that it is the tastiest one. The main characteristics are medium-size, elegant notes of saltiness, and lively orange color. The texture is also crispy, and it is a popular addition to breakfast toast.
Golden Pearl rainbow trout roeSince it is a different species of trout, the eggs have a different color, nevertheless a beautiful yellow one. In my view, there is not much difference between the rainbow one when it comes to taste and texture. The size is also pretty much the same. It all comes down to what color you want for your garnishes.
Smoked trout roeThis variety brings a completely new and unique smoky flavor. It is commonly used with appetizers, various types of cheese, and seafood dishes. Depending on the type of wood that is used for smoking, there are different types of smoky flavors. The difference is usually in the intensity, and you will be able to see information on the flavor and the type of wood on the packaging.

There Are Various Ways to Prepare and Serve Trout Roe

As mentioned above, most people eat it raw, fry it or boil it and here is some basic information on how to prepare it:

  • If you plan to eat it raw, you have to rinse it thoroughly with water. People usually also add salt to water which is a traditional way to kill bacteria, but it also adds flavor. You can also add various herbs and ingredients to the water. The product should then be refrigerated for at least half an hour. After it has been cooled, a sort of a thin membrane will appear between the eggs. You should carefully extract this membrane before serving.
  • Frying is possibly the most popular way of preparing since it is the easiest one. Simply oil the pan and start frying. Again you can add all sorts of spices, and some people even put regular eggs in the mix.
  • Boiling is certainly the traditional method of preparing fish eggs. You should cover everything with water completely. The pot should be placed on medium heat until the water boils. After it is done, you can add salt and all other spices.

Trout eggs should not be kept in warm places (this goes for every caviar,) and usually, they will last between four and six weeks. It should also be served cold (for maximum freshness and flavor). Also, if you can, you should avoid metal kitchenware when serving, but rather on glass or wood. Some people even like to serve fish eggs on ice to maintain the temperature.

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Trout Roe Has Exceptional Nutritional Value, and Here Is the Basic Description

Fish eggs are generally incredibly healthy and have many vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Trout roe contains selenium, sodium, magnesium, B-12 vitamins, and choline. It is rich in omega-3 acids and has very low levels of saturated fats. Furthermore, it is rich in protein and has almost no carbohydrates. Don’t forget most spices are also beneficial to health, so you might increase the nutritional value even further.

Trout Roe Is Finding Its Place Among Many Popular Dishes

As mentioned, trout eggs are becoming more and more popular in various cuisines as ingredients or garnishes. Some of the best are breakfast dishes with regular eggs. People often make scrambled eggs with this type of roe. It is also a popular combination with all kinds of toasts, sour creams, and cheeses. But, it has also become a usual addition in all sorts of restaurants and, nowadays, there are many seafood dishes and pasta meals that have this type of roe as an ingredient. My personal favorite for breakfast dishes is trout roe caviar Ikura, but you are free to experiment with others.

Trout Roe Is Gaining Popularity Among Caviar Enthusiasts for a Reason

As you can see, it is definitely worth trying this type of fish product if you haven’t already. Any better-equipped shop that has a fish section should definitely have it. Furthermore, the chances that your friend who likes caviar hasn’t tried this are high, so this can be a lovely gift for all caviar aficionados.