How Much Does Imperia Caviar Cost?

Imperia delivers top-quality fish roe delicacies from eco-friendly farms directly to the doorstep of any lover of these tasty bites. But, how much does Imperia caviar cost, and can your wallet be on par with their prices?

How much does Imperia caviar cost? Imperia Caviar can range in price from $169 to $1,345 per pound, depending on the type and quality of caviar. Roe from wild sturgeons tends to be the most expensive, while roe sourced from farmed sturgeons is less expensive. Imperia’s Traditional Russian Caviar is among the most affordable options, retailing for just $169 per pound. Conversely, their Imperial Oscietra caviar is priced at a whopping $1,345 per pound.

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Keep in mind that the cost of different caviars will depend on several factors. But Imperia strives to offer affordable top-notch fish roe and deliver it to every table.

How Much Does Imperia Caviar Cost?

Based in LA, Imperia will provide the most delicious and exquisite caviars, right to your home, for a reasonable price.

Their delicacies are sourced from Royal Ossetra and Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and range between $169 and $1,345.

Keep in mind that this roe is exquisite, handpicked, and coming from environmentally friendly farms.

They also periodically provide samples of this treat for the members of their club in the US, for less than $1 per gram.

What You Can View in Their Shop

All caviar lovers can visit their shop and pick the quantity and price range that suits them. They also offer A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, bundled with different caviars.

Here are the contents of their shop:

  • Royal Ossetra Caviar,
  • Kaluga Hybrid Reserve Caviars,
  • Royal Ossetra gift sets,
  • Kaluga Hybrid Reserve gift sets,
  • Blini and caviar bundle (with a box of traditional blini for free),
  • Surf + turf Wagyu bundle (Wagyu Ribeye Steaks and your choice of fish roe).

Here is a list of the best caviar gift sets.

The Prices for the Best Caviar Are Reasonable

Imperia is a company that delivers fish roe delicacies of exquisite quality right to your doorstep at reasonable prices. The cost depends on the type of fish and the quantity, as seen in the table below.

Type of fish roeQuantityPrice
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve100g (3.5oz) + free 30g (1oz)$169
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve5x30g (5x1oz)$195
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve3x50g (3×1.7oz)$195
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve250g (8.8oz)$325
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve500g (17.6oz)$550
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve1,680g (59.2oz)$1,345
Royal Ossetra100g (3.5oz) + free 30g (1oz)$169
Royal Ossetra5x30g (5x1oz)$195
Royal Ossetra3x50g (3×1.7oz)$195
Royal Ossetra250g (8.8 oz)$325
Royal Ossetra500g (17.6oz)$550
Royal Ossetra1,680g (59.2oz)$1,345

As for the shipping, this delicacy is shipped as a perishable overnight package, enveloped in Stay-Fresh™ packaging.

The company also grants free shipping for orders that exceed $300.

Order Imperia and Your Favorite Delicacy Will Arrive Fresh

Whether you pick the Royal Ossetra or Kaluga Hybrid, you will receive caviar made out of black to dark brown exquisite fish roe with flecks of amber.

The company will deliver it to you as fresh as possible, and you can refrigerate it unopened for three weeks.

Once you open this tasty dish, you should consume it within the next 48 hours.