My name is Michail, and my family is originally from Moscow, Russia. Although I’ve been back and forth a few times, I currently reside in Brighton Beach, otherwise known as Little Odessa

In my everyday life, I’m just a chef. I live at home with my wife, Angie, and our 2 boys. On the internet, however, I’m “The Caviar Guy” – the know-it-all caviar fanatic whose goal is to change the way that you think about this special food.

My Story

One of the memories that always stood out to me about growing up with my father was how much he loved his caviar on Saturday nights. Whenever he’d get off work for the week, he’d stop by the little Russian grocery, pick up a small jar of Sturgeon Caviar- a treat to himself for a job well done. 

Occasionally, he’d let me try it. By the time I was a teenager, I knew more about caviar than most of the chefs in the city and got a job cooking at a local seafood restaurant. Being able to create my own meals from fresh-caught fish and caviar gave me a true appreciation for this luxurious food, and I decided to start a blog about everything caviar!

Why I Started Pearls of Caviar

When most people think about Russian culture, the only thing that comes to mind is vodka. I’m used to the stereotypes, but what many people don’t know is that our culture has some of the best seafood and caviar dishes in the world. In fact, my grandfather in Russia used to fish the Caspian Sea for large sturgeon from which they would harvest some of the world’s most expensive caviar!

Through writing about caviar, I hope to share a little-known aspect of my culture with the world and hopefully expand your mind to new foods and experiences. 

About the website

Pearls of Caviar is a compilation of everything that I’ve learned about caviar since I was a young man. I answer common questions about eating caviar, great ways to serve them, and even give my personal reviews and opinions of some of the internet’s top caviar brands! 

Whether you’ve just discovered the joy of eating caviar or you’re still on the fence, my goal is to convince you to give this new food a try and share my genuine appreciation for sustainable, quality-driven caviar harvesting and cuisine! 

My Mission

My mission with Pearls of Caviar is to open your mind to a new culinary world! Many people tend to think of caviar as a “dish for the wealthy.” While this is partially true, there are a number of fine caviar and “roe” options out there for everybody else in the middle- like me! 

You don’t have to drive a Ferrari, have a corporate management job, or wear a tuxedo everywhere to enjoy this delicious food. 

Dine With Me! 

After you spend some time reading through my blog, you’ll know a lot more about caviar. I’ll talk about some of my favorite caviar dishes, show you how to pick the best caviar, and more importantly- how to find great deals so that you can eat as much as you please!