Best Caviar Spoons – Get The Most Out Of Your Caviar With These Spoons

When eating something so exquisite as real caviar, it is hard to imagine doing so with regular utensils. But the look of the utensils you use to eat this special fish roe is not the only thing that matters but the taste, too. It is hard to imagine enjoying caviar without the best caviar spoons there are. And we will list them all.

It is no secret that the best caviar spoons are made of pearls. You can use other materials such as gold pearlized plastic utensils. Still, there are materials you must never use because they will change the taste of your black gold, such as silver. 

On the market, there are a lot of variants of utensils you can try, and of course, some are better than others. We have made a list of the best utensils available. 

What Are Caviar Spoons Made Of?

Traditionally roe utensils are made of materials that are not reactive. Chemists call these inert materials. Utensils made of animal horn, mother of pearl or Nacre, and gold can be used to eat roe. Silver and other metals will react with roe and change its taste. Utensils are usually 2.7 to 5 inches in length and have a small bowl on top that is usually oval or paddle-shaped. And even though roe comes in a metallic can, it is made of specialized metal that doesn’t interfere with taste. 

You Can Use Plastic, Gold, or Glass as Well 

As you know, real caviar is made of sturgeon roe, and it is one of the most expensive dishes you can find on the market. Depending on the type of roe you purchase, the prices can go anywhere from $200–$300 per ounce. So if you have a party where you wish to serve this meal, you don’t want to serve it in cutlery that will ruin its taste

Plastic Caviar Utensils  

In an emergency, you can use plastic utensils even though the appearance will not be as exclusive as you would want. Still, the taste will remain the same. There are pearlized plastic utensils that look amazing like real mother of pearl utensils, but if you don’t have time to find these, one small solid plastic spoon will do the trick. 

Golden Utensils Are Expensive, but Make an Excellent Presentation 

Believe it or not, gold is one of the materials you can use when serving fish roe. It will not temper with taste. A Clive Christian gold utensils for roe are probably the most expensive on the market, but their luxurious look will make your caviar presentation to be amazing. They are made of stainless steel covered with 24-carat gold. They cost  $300, but once you buy them, you will have a set with a lifetime guarantee. Also, any other golden spoons will be good.

Glass or Ceramic Will Do the Trick as Well 

When serving roe, the first question you should ask is what utensil do you eat caviar with? Yes, the best match is pearl utensils. If you find stylish ceramic or glass utensils, they can look nice, and the taste will be the same. There are even glass utensils with serving dishes you can find. A conical bowl made of glass that comes with a chilling bowl for your roe will also be nicely served with glass spoons. 

The Best Roe Utensils on the Market Are Made From Mother of Pearl 

As we already mentioned, the most natural and best way to eat fish roe is with the mother of pearl utensils. They look beautiful, and the best is that they come at a variety of prices and are therefore affordable for anyone’s pocket. Here are some of the best options available:

  • Marycrafts set of six utensils – This set is excellent if you have a large party and you wish to impress your guests. The utensils have a seven-centimeter handle made entirely from white and pink mother of pearl. They are even available on Amazon and on the Marycrafts website. The price for this is $24. 
  • B&M Handicraft – Mother of pearl and salt made spoon comes in a variety of shapes. You can buy single fish-shaped or elephant engraved spoons to use in your household. They even have beautiful wine coasters you can buy when serving some champagne with your roe.  
  • Petrossian – This is an online store where you can purchase the most exclusive roe from all over the world. They have spoons sets you can order online. You can buy a single spoon for $15 or a set of six for $90. Also, there are more stylish spoon versions with gray or blue tips. Also, here you can order a gift set with utensils and vodka glasses that come with some of the best roe of your choosing.   
  • Marky’s – This store offers some of the best mothers of pearl serving sets. You can purchase an online fork, knife, spoon, and plate for only $33. Or you can purchase a single spoon 4,5” long for $14. 
  • Mackenzie Limited – Here you’ll find truly luxurious silverware for roe. Most of them are designer-made and imported. You can order online exquisite large and small mother of pearl roe utensils that are decorated with a silver band. They cost $24 and don’t worry – the silver will not touch the roe. 
  • Browne Trading – From crystal caviar serving bowls to mother of pearl plates and  utensils, they have it all. Aside from some of the best roe in the US, you can find key caviar utensils in a variety of prices and shapes. 

Best and Most Unique Sets Available 

From oyster-shaped plates to vintage and antique silver bowls, this amazing dish will taste better when presented in a proper manner. Still, no matter if you buy a $30 bowl or mother of pearl plate or serving set of $15,000, what matters when it comes to roe that is served in the right way. Here are some of the most expensive serving sets you can find on the market: 

Name Price What is included Description 
Christofle Vertigo Serving Set $650 Serving dish   Made from glass and silver it is part of the brand’s Vertigo collection.
Scully & Scully Silver-plated Bowl $700Bowl with holder silver-plated bowl for ice and roe holder bowl that is placed on three arms. 
Buccellati$7,100Bowl with holder for roe Handcrafted serving dish made from silver with the edges carved to mimic real beluga sturgeon roe. 
George Jensen 1507$15,000Serving dishHandmade Georg Jensen’s silversmiths in Copenhagen. With silver-made grape designs at the base. The exterior bowl is made of silver, and you see the hammer marks on it.
Williams Sonoma$130Bowl with holder for roe, six shot glasses, and utensils are crafted of natural horn or shell. Made from stainless steel and glass, this serving dish has a luxurious look with a modern touch. And you will get a set of natural utensils made by hand. 

Does a Metal Spoon Ruin Caviar?

Yes, metal ruins caviar. Most metallic dishes will transfer their taste to the roe. So if you plan to serve this dish, a plastic spoon is always a better option if you don’t have any other variant available.

And if you wonder can you use a wooden spoon with caviar, the answer is yes.

Just make sure these utensils have a smooth surface, so no crunches of wood end up in eggs. Also, in case of emergency, you can use your hands.

This is an old chef tradition, and it is a legitimate way to taste roe. Just make sure your hands are clean. 

How to Eat Roe Like a Pro  

Aside from some of the most amazing serving dishes and utensils for roe, you will need other things as well if you host a cocktail party for caviar enthusiasts. Fish roe must be served on ice so you can place it in a serving bowl that is surrounded by ice or in oyster-shaped plates dipped in ice. You can serve roe either with Chopin Family Reserve Vodka or with champagne. Some people prefer to eat roe on blinis, toast, or fine bread, accompanied by sour cream or creme fraiche. But with the most expensive and exquisite roe, you don’t need anything on the side but some fine mother of pearl utensils. 

In conclusion, the best roe utensils are made from a mother of pearl. Even though you can buy horn or shell-based spoons, there is no doubt that pearl utensils are the best. They look lovely, clean, and luxurious with a touch of tradition. And if you find some handmade collection with silver or gold ornaments, you will hit the jackpot with your guests. They will feel special, unique, and luxurious like the fine roe they will taste.