Imperia Caviar – What Makes It So Special?

Some of the most popular and best-tasting caviars available in the USA are made from Kaluga Hybrid and Royal Ossetra. At Imperia caviar, you can purchase both. This international company is making world-class caviar available for everyone. 

Imperia Caviar is a US company that produces and distributes Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and Royal Ossetra caviar. High-class fish roe made from Kaluga Hybrid and Royal Ossetra fish. The company is based in Los Angeles, and it has an app that allows clients to buy black gold easily.

The company has recently opened a club everyone can join, so if you are interested in becoming an exclusive fish roe enthusiast, this could be a great starting point.

In this article, you will find out all about this company’s product and how their black gold tastes.

What Is Imperia Caviar?

As we mentioned before, Imperia Caviar is a company that grows and distributes its own fish roe. They have Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and Royal Ossetra roe with the highest grades and one of the best caviars you can order in the US.

European customers can order Beluga fish roe too, but it is not available in the US since it is prohibited here.

Anyway, here is some basic info about the company:

  • Where is Imperia Caviar fromThe company is based in Los Angeles, but they have sustainable and eco-friendly farms. The Kaluga Hybrid reserve is also called River Beluga because it comes from the Amur River in Russia. The Royal Ossetra comes from the Caspian Sea and has a dark color with a touch of gold and jade.
  • Who owns Imperia Caviar – The company’s owner is Sony Mordechai, an entrepreneur and investor, and a co-founder of many companies in the US, such as Magic Leap, Nearpod, and Yaypay. 

What Is a Caviar Club? 

The company recently started its own club where everyone who wants to include this black gold in their everyday diet can join. If you become a member, you will periodically receive the best quality roe available in the USA for less than $1 per gram.

The club offers several types of subscriptions – monthly, bimonthly, or even quarterly. With this membership, you will receive high-quality roe at your demand. Here are subscriptions you can sign up for. 

Name of the subscriptionMonthly feeWhat you will get 
Caviar Sampler (doesn’t require club membership) $200Two taster tins with 100g of our Kaluga Hybrid Reserve and Royal Ossetra caviar
Flexible Subscription$1,200You will get 1,200g of black gold of your choosing
Kaluga Hybrid ReserveMonthly prescription $300 to $450You can get 300g (10.5oz) for $300 or 500g (17.6oz) for $450
Royal Ossetra Monthly prescription$300 to $450You can get 300g (10.5oz) for $300 or 500g (17.6oz) for $450
Kaluga Hybrid Reserve – Bimonthly – Order will ship every 2 months$300 to $450You can get 300g (10.5oz) for $300 or 500g (17.6oz) for $450
Royal Ossetra – Bi-monthly Subscription – Order will ship every 2 months
$300 to $450You can get 300g (10.5oz) for $300 or 500g (17.6oz) for $450

Costs & Where To Buy

Here is a complete breakdown of how much Imperia Caviar costs.

If you live in Los Angeles, you can visit the company’s kiosk located in Westfield Mall, 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard. Here you can even try samples and choose the one that suits your taste.

If you are a beginner in black gold tasting, it would be great if you could come and visit this kiosk. The service is excellent, and the people working there will give their best to present you with all the benefits of this product.

They will even advise you how to serve it in the best possible way and which products can be combined with other ingredients. On kiosks, you can easily find tins on sale or special deals. And once you taste this amazing fish roe, you can then start ordering online or even become a member.

Here are the prices listed and compared.

3,5oz + 1oz is $1693,5oz + 1oz is $1693 Gift Sets Of 5 1.7oz $210.003 Gift Sets Of 5 1.7oz $210.00
3×1,7oz is $1953×1,7oz is $1955 Gift Sets Of 1.7oz $350.005 Gift Sets Of 1.7oz $350.00
17oz is $550 17oz is $55010 Gift Sets Of 1.7oz $600.0010 Gift Sets Of 1.7oz $600.00
5x 1oz is $1955x 1oz is $1955 Gift Sets Of 1oz $220.005 Gift Sets Of 1oz $220.00
8,8oz is $3258,8oz is $3258 Gift Sets Of 1oz $352.008 Gift Sets Of 1oz $352.00
59,2oz is $134559,2oz is $1345
15 Gift Sets Of 1oz $615.0015 Gift Sets Of 1oz $615.00

You can also order traditional and freshly made blini. You will get 16 cocktail blinis packed in a tray. These pastries go excellent with both products and are something you need to try when tasting black gold. 

One of the Best Roes Is Made by Kaluga Hybrid Reserve 

The Kaluga Hybrid Reserve, as we mentioned, originates from Russia – the Amur River in Siberia. This fish roe has a buttery and mild taste with very large eggs.

The color of the eggs is dark amber with flecks of gold. The taste is simply extraordinary, and the eggs are fresh and firm, and they pop once you place them in your mouth. When comparing price with its quality, I can easily say that this is one of the best fish roe I tasted for that price.

And delivery is excellent. You will receive fresh products fast and efficiently. 

The Best Ossetra Royal Roe Is Grown in the Caspian Sea 

Ossetra sturgeon fish comes from the Caspian Sea, and it provides one of the most prized and expensive types of black gold you can find. With their nutty flavor, dark color, firm and fresh eggs, you will get the best quality for the price. The flavor of this product is nutty and briny with firm beads with a bit of salt.

Its rich sea flavor goes well with many ingredients, including heavy creams, sauces, and meat dishes. The texture of the product was beautiful, and the whole experience in the tasting was exquisite.

What Is the Best Caviar? What Does Imperial and Royal Labels Mean? 

When it comes to labeling good fish roe, most producers will use classic, royal, and imperial terms. This labeling method is not precise, and producers of the sturgeon roe sometimes set the grades themselves.

This method is only used for the high-quality fish roe made from Sturgeon fish, and the classic grade product label is used for fish roe that has average black egg color and smaller size. 

The next in line is a royal label, used to qualify roe that is lighter in color or has larger grains than a classic one. The most expensive and rarest of them all is the imperial roe.

The eggs are large and have a light golden color.

This roe is a top-dollar product and is also known as golden roe. It is usually produced by older sturgeon fish, but its price and rareness are not only because it comes from the old fish but because only 5% of all adult sturgeon will produce bright golden-colored eggs in their lifetime. 

Is Imperia Caviar Good? 

If you compare price, customer service, and quality, you will get one of the best products for an affordable price.

The company’s main goal is to bring this black gold to everyone’s homes and make it available for everyone’s pocket. If you are keen to try black gold, this will be an excellent way to start.

The texture and the taste of the product are top-notch quality, and you will most certainly enjoy the feeling or egg popping in your mouth once you try it. Also, the company has an app you can download for easier and more efficient purchases.

Overall, the products are good and can easily compete with some classic, world-famous fish roe producers. So if you decide to try it and fill an online cart with these caviars, you will not be disappointed.