Finding the Best Caviar in New York City

Caviar is a food delight that everyone should experience in life at least once. Healthy, delicious, and relatively affordable, this gourmet food is sure to please even the most pretentious food connoisseurs. If you consider yourself a food enthusiast, you will be fascinated by the quality and diversity of the best caviar New York City restaurants have to offer.

The best places in New York City that offer top-quality caviar of all kinds are Caviar Russe, Mari Vanna, Petrossian Boutique, and Russ & Daughters Café. Customers and critics alike approve of these as top NYC spots to try the finest red and black caviar out. 

A couple of sentences won’t be enough for you to get a grasp of just how good these places are. Because of this, I am taking it upon myself to show you why you should visit these restaurants, what their customers think, and which delicacy you should order first.

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when choosing the best places, such as caviar variety, service, and overall atmosphere, so you are in for a ride. Let’s explore the best caviar restaurants in New York City!

Finding the Best Caviar in New York City 2021

As I already mentioned, Caviar Russe, Mari Vanna, Petrossian Boutique, and Russ & Daughters Café are considered the very best restaurants that offer all sorts of caviar delicacies. Every single one of these elite NYC spots will present you with a rich assortment of red caviar and highly-coveted roe from Osetra, Beluga, and Streluga sturgeon. I will take a closer look at each restaurant one by one. 

1. Caviar Russe

The first restaurant on my list is the most lavish, fancy, and remarkable place to sample some fine caviar delights. And you will love it!

If you intend to visit Caviar Russe soon, you better start saving right now. The prices for some options on the menu can be steep, to say the least, as this is the case with Osetra caviar. This restaurant has a Michelin Star, after all. 

However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any affordable delicacies, no. The delicious Pacific Sturgeon is priced at $60 – perfect for those who want to indulge in an excellent yet affordable meal in a top-notch place with excellent service.

2. Mari Vanna

Let’s try something more unconventional. Mari Vanna is a Russian restaurant boasting a diverse menu full of traditional caviar delicacies, served with neat Russian blinis. 

I mentioned the word unconventional. Well, you can order a vodka infused with herbs, spices, and fresh fruit along with your plate full of red and black caviar temptations. What about a slice of Medovik? A traditional Russian honey layered cake you can pair with delicious caviar. 

Mari Vanna is the right place for those who appreciate and celebrate culinary, cultural diversity. 

3. Petrossian Boutique

Awaiting you within steps of Central Park, Petrossian Boutique is а sophisticated and highly-regarded restaurant offering a whole plethron of delicately prepared snacks and dishes.

Although the Petrossian Boutique menu is synonymous with food variety, many customers visit this top NYC spot solely because of the quality of caviar. Any sturgeon caviar or salmon roe, you name it, they have it.

If you have ever wondered which is the best place to sample caviar and drink champagne, then you just found the answer. Self-indulgence and food delight? Petrossian Boutique is the place for you.

4. Russ and Daughters

Although Russ and Daughters have a rich history in New York City spanning over a century, the Russ and Daughters Café was opened just a few years ago, much to the delight of their customers. The retro diner look gives the place a classic authentic New York touch.

Russ and Daughters have always been famous for their exceptional menu entries. The caviar options are no exception. Hackleback caviar with bread, butter and lime and caviar cream cheese bagel are just two of the most delicious dishes you can try out. 

The one-of-a-kind experience and the remarkably appetizing caviar delicacies mean that the visit to Russ and Daughters Café is a must.

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Can I Order Caviar Online From the Best New York City Caviar Places?

Yes, of course. You can definitely order red or black caviar of your choice online. Restaurants like Caviar Russe, for example, have a whole retail division. Its main goal is to supply food connoisseurs with а unique selection of the finest caviar. 

If you want to place a regular order or prefer takeaway, you can get yourself anything you want from the menu of the said NYC restaurant. You can have the most delicious and luxurious delicacies in the comfort of your own home. 

Can I Get High-Quality Caviar at a Low Price at the Best New York City Places?

Surprising or not, you can actually sample some top-notch caviar at an affordable price, even at the best NYC restaurants. 

The delicious Pacific Sturgeon at $60, which you can get at Caviar Russe, is one such option. Generally, red caviar is always a cheaper delicacy than black caviar, thanks to its accessibility and wide variety.

Every single one of the top restaurants in New York City offers products from red caviar and salmon roe, so you can indulge in a tasty caviar meal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


The best caviar New York City restaurants like Caviar Russe, Mari Vanna, Petrossian Boutique, and Russ & Daughters Café give a different meaning to the term caviar delight.

Factors such as the variety of appetizing delicacies, the excellent service they provide, and the unique and extraordinary atmosphere prove that these are the best places you can get a taste of top-notch caviar.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a nice dinner with your family and friends or simply want to sample some red and black caviar temptations. You will have the time of your life celebrating one of the most delicious gourmet foods on the planet.