The Best Caviar Serving Set

Finding a good caviar serving set can be more challenging than you think. There is more than one characteristic you should consider while making your choice. It all matters – the material, the design, and the price. So the question is, what is the best caviar serving set

The best caviar serving set is the Silver Fish 6-Shot Glass Server. This silver-finished dish includes shot glasses, so you can serve caviar with chilled high-end vodka or some other drink of your choice. It has a very elegant design, and the serving bowl is made of glass you can serve on ice.

The question you probably asked yourself thousands of times is what to serve caviar on? In case you’re a caviar lover and wonder how to present this exclusive product to your guests or family, I can help you out. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing the right set is the material, so follow my tips and avoid common mistakes.

The following materials are all suitable for serving it:

  • Mother of pearl,
  • Bone-horn,
  • Porcelain,
  • Glass,
  • Plastic.

You should avoid wood and metal, in particular, silver. This chart will help you get a better impression of the pricing ratio of the following products, and the description of each one can help you pick the option that is up to your personal taste:

Silver Fish 6-Shot Glass Servier by Caviar Stars $259
Silver Fish Top Bowl Caviar Server $199
Silver Sturgeon Caviar Serving Plate $39
Versace Medusa Lumiere Caviar Bowl$465
Georg Jensen Caviar Bowl 1507 $15,000
Stefano Raffa Caviar Serving Set #2$590
Williams Sonoma LSA Caviar Set $54.95
Michael Aram Gold Orchid Caviar Dish$210

*Prices may vary.

Silver Fish 6-Shot Glass Servier by Caviar Stars Is One of the Best Caviar Serving Sets on the Market

If you love this exclusive dish and wonder what is the best way to serve it, you’re on the right track. One of the best serving sets for this delicacy is the Silver Fish 6-Shot Glass Servier. It is important that you pay close attention to the materials if you’re choosing a dish for serving this kind of food. You don’t want to serve it using regular cutlery. 

This exclusive set combines function with fashion, which makes it perfect for those who want to bring some glam to their homes and dining collections. The composition of this product makes it unique and interesting. It has a silver finish, and the set includes flat-bottomed shot glasses and a caviar serving bowl – both made of glass. It can hold a 4-ounce jar of premium caviar or scoop 8 ounces into the glass bowl. 

The glass set might be helpful if you prefer to present your food accompanied with chilled premium vodka or some other drink of your choice. The shot glass holes can also hold 1 – ounce jars, so you are free to serve some other offerings instead of alcoholic drinks. The lid has a fish-shaped handle with matching handles on either side of the ice bowl. A removable metal rack is in place to hold the glasses and bowl just above the ice. This will help keep ingredients fresh and well preserved under the right temperature.

Silver Fish Top Bowl Caviar Server Set Is Another Variant of Caviar Star Products and One of the More Affordable Serving Pieces

If you’re looking for a more basic and affordable option, this is one of the variants of the previously mentioned set. Its broad silver bowl can hold just enough ice to chill your product, and it has a removable metal rack that holds the serving bowl in place. The serving bowl is made of glass, which is one of the suitable serving materials. A fish-shaped handle also sits on top of this model’s lid. It is designed to keep the caviar fresh through the dining session, so you don’t need to worry about this.  

Silver Sturgeon Caviar Serving Dish Has a Specific Distinction – It Is Made of Sterling Silver and Mother-of-Pearl

This model has an iridescent nacre finish, and it is one of the ideal serving plates for sturgeon caviar. Each model is hand-crafted from sterling silver and iridescent salt-water mother of pearl.

It also features a sturgeon carving along the rim, which gives it an authentic and conversation-worthy look. It will definitely impress everyone with its amazing quality ad design. It is long, about 4.3 inches, and includes a trio of silver “feet” that are made to support it and provide a good balance.

This model is also an interesting gift option – it isn’t pricey, but it definitely looks like it.

Versace Medusa Lumiere Caviar Bowl Is a Luxurious and Supreme Product on the Market

You can’t go wrong with the signature Medusa Versace logo engraved in this frosted glass bowl that is designed to provide the feel of luxury. This is definitely one of the good statement pieces for tabletops. It offers amazing quality, and its design makes it pretty simple but also astonishing. The bottom of the bowl is suitable for keeping ice that will keep the product fresh and tasty. The bowl is made in an angular shape, and the top serving bowl has four small legs that perfectly fit into the bottom one’s corners. The negative thing about this product is that it doesn’t come with a matching spoon, so you should probably try to find a “medusa logo” that will fit it perfectly.

Georg Jensen Caviar Bowl 1507 Offers Traditional-Style Luxury

This dish is made for elite caviar lovers with an eye for traditional aesthetics and retro-glam. It first gives the impression that you’re in a castle – which is not unusual if you consider its name and design. It is made by Georg Jensen’s silversmiths in Copenhagen, all by hand. The glamorous design is completed with a silver grape engraving at the bottom of the bowl. 

The exterior bowl bears some hammer marks, which gives it a glazed texture and smoky shine. This ornate look will definitely impress every true caviar lover. The interior bowl comes with a silver grape engraving as well, so you can easily cover the product until you decide to try some of it. The negative thing about this one is the price – about $15,000, so you need to think through your budget for this investment. This one also doesn’t come with a spoon, which might be a negative side if you consider the high price.

Stefano Raffa Caviar Serving Set #2 Brings Out the Ocean and Forest Vibes

What makes this product different from the others on the market is its unique design and the combination of materials it is made from. This dish is made of mother-of-pearl from Tahiti, which looks soft and iridescent in the light. On the other hand, the base of this product is quite a contrast – made from ebony wood sourced from Africa. You can use the top bowl individually or pair it with the base to achieve the signature look and astonish everyone in the room. It offers a more organic look than other glass and silver options on the market, so it might be ideal for a more natural ambiance. 

Williams Sonoma LSA Caviar Set Is One of the Most Affordable Options

This set might be a lot cheaper than all the other options, but it definitely doesn’t look like it. The luxurious design of this bowl speaks for itself – it is quite simple but still makes the statement impression and the “wow” effect. The Williams Sonoma bowl is remarkably minimalist. The glass of this bowl is shaped like a large chalice with two layers. The bottom one is for slotting ice that will keep the food fresh, and the top one is made for serving delicacies. The other great advantage of this one is that it is versatile enough, so you can use it for serving different products apart from caviar. 

Michael Aram Gold Orchid Caviar Dish Is Eccentric and Chic, Plus the Bowl Comes With a Matching Spoon

Michael Aram Gold Orchid Caviar Dish is an eccentric and interesting product that might seem a bit too flirty or tacky for some, but it’s actually quite unique and different from all the other options. The base is a simple white bowl with super-thick edges, but the golden orchid ornaments on the sides are what make it so unique. It’s not only the flowers that stand out – shimmery branches complete the look of oxidized brass, and the product is made of stainless steel. The most iconic part is that even the spoon resembles a tree branch. For the price of $210, you get a pretty good deal of luxury and eye-catching design. This model can be a perfect luxury gift for someone’s birthday or another celebration – it isn’t overpriced, but it still gives the “wow” effect.

Find Your Perfect Fit, and I’m Sure Everyone Will Be Impressed

With dishes like this, it’s hard to go wrong. I’m sure you’ll find something that will fit your personal style and home perfectly. These sets are all designed in a way that will keep the caviar fresh and chilled, so you don’t have to worry about the serving process. The only factor left to take into consideration is the price. These various offers show both expensive and economical options, so you’re covered for that as well.