California Caviar Review

In the past few years, the Golden State has slowly become the epicenter of America’s caviar industry and has gotten a lot of attention from food connoisseurs. The white sturgeon caviar from California has been named one of the best American caviars, and it has been quite a crowd-pleaser in the upper classes of the USA. If you want to learn more about this specific product, take a look at my California Caviar review.

California Caviar is known for its highly flavorful taste, which features a signature nutty aroma with a dash of spice. This standard sturgeon caviar is known for being organically produced, with the product meeting the highest quality standards, which is why it’s recommended by a few Michelin-star restaurants.

Caviar on a spoon
The California Caviar has been gaining popularity in the last few years

California Caviar Review – General Thoughts and Opinions

The California Caviar Company offers a broader range of different caviar products. They have grown their popularity primarily for being an organic-based company, but does the quality match the standards? Michelin-star chefs for private-label caviar lines have sought their caviar.

A creamy, nutty flavor characterizes their standard white sturgeon caviar; it has a higher lipid content, saturating the palate with a clean brine. Their salmon roe is also a top-rated product, and it has a smokiness and spice to it, making it an exciting companion to delicate dishes.

The company has a wide caviar selection, and some of the most exciting products they offer are:

  • Classic White Sturgeon is a medium pearl black roe that has an addicting creamy taste.
  • Siberian Sturgeon Caviar is made from medium-size roe with a sea flavor and a nice pop in its taste.
  • Royal White Sturgeon Caviar – with a smooth pop and buttery flavor, ranging in color from jet black to platinum.
  • Royal Osetra Caviar – dark brown, known as the legendary caviar similar to its wild counterpart.
  • Kaluga Hybrid is known for its full flavor with notable minerality, commonly called the “Amur Beluga.”

About the California Caviar Company

The California Caviar Company was founded in 2007, and they are well known for being the pioneers of the sustainable caviar movement. It was born during the domestic crisis in the early 2000s with the idea of focusing on sustainability, innovation, and education. During the last two decades, they have grown their reputation and brand integrity, producing a wide range of high-quality caviar that has fulfilled the expectations of the high-class society.

How Does the Company Create Their Caviar?

The farm where the caviar is made is entirely sustainable in its nature and operation. They have learned the process of production from the most famous farms in Asia, Europe, and the Middle east. They are well known for their relentless energy and insistence on quality, which has made them the leaders in the caviar industry. Their farms are especially appreciated for their conformity with international health, environmental and animal welfare regulations.

Sturgeons in a fish tank
The company is known for being sustainable and run according to animal welfare regulations

What Is the Best Californian Caviar Product?

Their company’s best product has to be the Premium Queen’s Reserve White Sturgeon Caviar, pronounced the 2022’s Good Food Award Winner. This product is the unique creation of the CCC Founder and Ceo – Deborah Keane and is surely one of their top handmade delicacies. It has a golden hue and is crafted and cured carefully and for a long time. It is known for its creamy, nutty flavor and can be simply enjoyed with a spoon. If you’re wondering about the price, 1 kg of this excellent caviar is sold for $3,520.

 Black caviar on bread
Their products have been awarded several times

What Are the Perfect Pairings for the Californian Caviar?

The California Caviar Company has provided its own rules for pairing its luxurious products with suitable beverages. Anyone who enjoys tasting caviar knows how important it is to serve appropriately with the right match. The company’s owner considers that their caviar matches best with the world-renown wines. Here’s a table that will make a perfect guideline for choosing the right pairings easier for you.

Sparkling RoséPaddlefish, Bourbon Trout, Saffron Whitefish, Salmon.
Blanc de BlancCalifornia White Sturgeon, Paddlefish, Bacon Trout, Truffle Whitefish.
Sauvignon BlancHackleback, Saffron Whitefish, Lemongrass Whitefish.
ChardonnayCalifornia White Sturgeon, Hackleback, Trout.
Pinot NoirCalifornia White Sturgeon, Paddlefish, Whitefish, Truffle Whitefish, and Sterlet.
SanceréKaluga Hybrid, Russian Osetra, Siberian Osetra.

Serving & Storing Tips

The usual way of serving caviar is on the bed of shaved ice in its packaging. Metal should not get in contact with the caviar, so if you wish to choose a suitable dish, choose a glass one. It is recommended to serve the caviar fresh & cold, with new blinis or lightly toasted brioche on the side. It can also accommodate nicely with some potato or salmon.

The ideal storage temperature for caviar will be 28° – 34° if you wish to preserve its optimal quality. An opened can of caviar lasts up to 5 weeks, but it’s best to enjoy it in the first five days. When serving it to your guests, take it from the refrigerator no more than 5 minutes before. Properly treating the caviar will allow it to emphasize its taste in the best way possible.

Caviar served on a plate
 It is essential to know how to serve caviar properly

What Do the Negative Reviews Say?

When it comes to tasting the California Caviar, there are small chances you won’t be satisfied with the quality of its flavor. Their products get lots of praise,but the negative side does exist. Many criticize the extremely high prices of their products. It is thought that, since the caviar is farmed, it should be cheaper than it used to be. The owner of California Caviar Company ensures the buyers that each egg must meet the highest quality standards to get a higher price point.

Caviar served in a dish
Their products are considered to be quite pricey

Is California Caviar Worth Tasting?

My answer to this question would be positive. If you are a fan of sumptuous dishes and enjoy tasting caviar, California Caviar could be your perfect choice. The company provides different tasting rooms, where you can see just how good this product is. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this caviar and wish to purchase it. Plus, if you want to support sustainable industries, you will love being their customer.