Can You Eat Caviar With a Metal Spoon

Tasting one of the world’s most luxurious delicacies requires the right serving method. It will only boot the entire experience, and that’s why you need to know what is the adequate spoon to use. So, can you eat caviar with a metal spoon? Let’s find out.

It’s not recommended to eat caviar with a metal or silver spoon. The reason is quite simple – a metal spoon can transfer some unintended flavors to your caviar. Instead, you can use mother-of-pearl and plastic spoons. You can even use bare hands, just ensure they are all cleaned up.

Caviar on a metal spoon

Tasting caviar can be a real adventure, so keep reading to find out what spoons to use.

Can You Eat Caviar With a Metal Spoon

You’ve probably wondered what the right way to eat your caviar is. This is an especially important question when ordering caviar online and you’re a beginner. It’s completely normal that you want to know what’s the best spoon to use. If you want to eat caviar in Russian style, then you definitely have to exclude a metal spoon.

Why is that, exactly? If you dare use a metallic spoon, your caviar will taste bitter and metallic. When exposed to silver, caviar may oxidize, losing its original flavor and acquiring a metallic one. In what form may we serve it, exactly? As you may assume, caviar has no issues touching gold, as it can sometimes be gold-plated.

Black caviar on a mother-of-pearl spoon

What Is the Best Spoon Type for Eating Caviar

Given its opulent associations, one might assume that caviar is best consumed with a silver or gold spoon, but this is not completely true, at least not in both cases. Similar to how it absorbs salt, caviar takes on the flavors of the metal. You will taste the steel or silver in your spoon in addition to the exquisite flavor profiles of the caviar. That’s how if you’re planning to taste expensive caviar, it will come in a metal tin.

So, how does this make any sense? Unlike silver, which can react with caviar, the metal tin does not. For this reason, silver spoons should never be used. The fact that gold does not react the same way as silver would is another reason why it is acceptable.

Eating With Hands Could Be the Simplest Solution

This is not a joke, no! Caviar “on the hand” is a long-standing chef tradition that originated from the chef’s custom of tasting caviar by putting it on the back of the hand before buying the whole box. Of course, as long as your hands are clean, caviar on the hand is considered a totally acceptable method of tasting caviar in the culinary world.

If you’re serving caviar at a cocktail party, why not turn it into a contest? Give each visitor a dollop and challenge them to eat it in the most inventive way they can. The next vodka or champagne toast is made by the winner!

With Mother-of-Pearl Spoons, You’ll Have a Complete Enjoyment

You surely want to have the right serving set when tasting this kind of luxurious snack. A mother-of-pears is definitely a part of that set, but you must know that it’s also one of the most expensive too.

Your caviar will contain exactly as much taste as planned because the pearl neither retains taste nor transfers it. These spoons don’t react, allowing the caviar’s vibrant flavor to stand out. After all, these spoons will go amazing with all kinds of caviar, no matter if it’s red caviar or black.

A tin of black caviar with a mother-of-pearl spoon

Use Plastic Spoons

Plastic spoons are an option if you haven’t yet purchased a more luxurious set or if you’re throwing a cocktail party and don’t have time to prepare everything. The ideal option is a pearlized plastic spoon, but a small, high-quality plastic spoon will also work. You may be sure the caviar will taste great because plastic spoons are less likely than metal to convey any unwanted flavors.

Make Caviar Home Tasting an Experience

Silver spoons are strictly forbidden when eating caviar, despite being acceptable for practically any other formal dining occasion. Sometimes the metal will impart a metallic flavor to your caviar, ruining the flavor.

To help you make the caviar taste flawless, even down to the smallest detail, we left you a few different spoon recommendations that you can use in its place. Grab a notebook, write them down, and you’ll soon be serving this delicious delicacy in the most suitable manner possible.