What Is Kaluga Caviar? Discover the King of Caviar

When it comes to tasting some of the best fish roe in the world, Kaluga caviar will be the best available legal option in the US. This fish roe is considered a nice substitute for banned Beluga caviar. And it has one of the highly-rated tastes in the world.

So, what is Kaluga Caviar? Kaluga Caviar is made from Kaluga fish that originate from the Amur River. This fish is sometimes referred to as River Beluga. And even though it can be found in the Amur River, her status is endangered, which is why all modern producers will provide you with sustainable farm-raised fish roe.

Black roe served on a plate with wine

Even though there are some producers that have farms of Kaluga sturgeon, most fish roe available on the market is made from hybrid Kaluga fish. The taste varieties depend on the bread, but one thing is for sure – it is one of the best fish roe products you can find on the US market.

Let’s see what is the best Kaluga caviar in the US.

Marky’s Has the Best Choices

At Marky’s, you can choose between three types of the most exclusive black gold you can find. They have amber, gold, and black roe made from hybrid sturgeon (Huso Dauricus X Acipenser Schrenckii,) sometimes referred to as river Beluga. Here are types you can purchase at Marky’s:

  • Kaluga Fusion Amber – Fish roe is made from Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) and Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso Dauricus). The roe has very firm and large beads and a rich buttery taste. It has dark-gray grains and large eggs that pop when eaten. The price is $61 for 1oz,
  • Kaluga Fusion Gold – This fish roe has firm, juicy grains that are large and have light brown to warm, rich brown color. It has a nutty and bold flavor. The price is $285 for 1.75oz.
  • Kaluga Fusion Black – Farm-raised Kaluga hybrid produces glossy grains that range in color from light gray to black. The taste is creamy, buttery, and nutty with a splash of the sea taste. The price is $55 for 1oz.

Try Sasanian’s Beluga Kaluga Hybrid

The Sasanian Caviar has a product named Beluga Kaluga Hybrid, but in fact, the fish roe is made of Shrenki and Huso Dauricus species. It has dark, clearly visible individual eggs with a nutty flavor. The color is dark amber, and the price is between $130 – $260, depending on the size. If you decide to buy this product, you will not regret it, as it’s one of the finest you can order online. Also, when serving, this product goes excellent with champagne.

Olma Royal Kaluga Caviar Has the Most Similar Taste to Beluga

If you wish to try what the best fish roe in the world tastes like, then try Olma Caviar’s organic product. The superior taste of this fish roe most likely comes from the way it is prepared. The roe is carefully selected and then salted with fresh sea salt in small amounts. This technique is called “Malossol or low salt, and it’s an old Russian tradition in fish roe preparation. It has large grains that will infuse you with a buttery and nutty flavor.

Imperia Is Has the Best Quality to Price Ratio

Available for everyone’s pocket, Imperia Caviar has one of the best Kaluga hybrid fish roe on the market. Made from Kaluga and Amur sturgeons, this product is excellent for eating on any occasion. It has very large eggs with dark amber color with flecks of gold. Once you place it in your mouth, the eggs will pop and release an amazingly creamy and buttery flavor.

Dine Like a King With Stur’s Imperial Kaluga Roe

Stur offers Kaluga hybrid roe (Huso Dauricus x Acipenser Dauricus,) one of the rare products on the market with the imperial label. It has the most amazing mild buttery and creamy flavor. The eggs are large and firm with bright amber colors. You can order this product online – 3.5 oz will cost you $150. The product resembles in color the Beluga royal roe.

Petrossian May Be Pricey, but It Is One of the Best Producers on the Market

It is no secret that famous Petrossian will deliver you a high-quality product with exquisite taste. And even though it is more expensive, the quality will be guaranteed. Their Royal Kaluga Huso Hybrid is made of a Kaluga Huso hybrid, a relative of the famous Beluga. The roe will release the rich flavor of Kaluga roe with its full flavor of Shassetra caviar. Once you try this product, you will get the closest possible to the taste of the legendary Beluga. The eggs are medium size with a firm texture. The color is a mixture of deep brown and jade green, and the taste is medium mild. For $210, you will receive 1oz of this black gold. Maybe it is pricey, but it is worth every penny.

If You Wish to Impress Your Guests, Try Kolikof Royal or Imperial Kaluga Roe

Kolikof offers two kinds of Kaluga roe, royal and imperial. And if you wonder what does Kaluga caviar tastes like, you will find out with this producer. The royal-labeled kind has large and glossy grains ranging in color from dark gray to light golden, and the taste is buttery, nutty, and creamy with mild sea flavor in the end. The product is always delivered fresh. For $104, you will get 1oz of the product.

The imperial Kaluga is most similar to the real Beluga roe, and it has large and firm dark gray to golden eggs. Once you eat them, they will release a beautiful sea flavor with a buttery and creamy texture. Definitely one of the best products you can taste if you are a true roe enthusiast.

Oyster shells on ice with black roe

Is Kaluga Caviar Legal?

The answer to this is complicated. The fishing of Kaluga is prohibited in Russia since the species has gone nearly extinct due to high demand in past decades. Most modern and eco-friendly companies will harvest the roe from farm-raised Kaluga fish. Most Kaluga caviars in the US are hybrid Kaluga fish. Nowadays, the number of Kaluga fish has led the species to critically endangered status due to overfishing. The population has decreased, and it is believed there are around 50,000-55,000 mature individuals in the wild.

How Much Does Kaluga Caviar Cost?

As you can see, the price varies between the producers. The Chinese production of hybrids is probably the most popular in the world. China’s Kaluga Queen company produces 30% of the world’s caviar. Their price is somewhere between $88 to $900 depending on the type and size.

Here are some other producers and their prices to compare.

NamePrice in $oz
Marky’s55 to 2751-1,75

Here’s more information about how much caviar costs.

Is Kaluga Good Caviar?

The answer is yes. It is one of the greatest fish roes you can try. And the hybrid versions have modernized the whole industry, allowing us to taste even more amazing combinations of flavors and aromas. The roe of this fish is large, firm, and crispy. It has a nutty buttery taste with a mild touch of sea flavor. It is the type of roe that is most similar to Beluga roe.

What Is the Best Kaluga Caviar?

The best Kaluga roe is one made in a simple and traditional way, and I believe that many producers in the US provide this kind of product, from Olma’s royal “Malossol” method to Petrossian’s unique combination of roes. In my opinion, Kolikof and Imperia have the best quality-to-ration, while Sasanian has the best look and texture. Still, no matter which producer you pick, one thing is for sure – this type of roe is among the top quality in the world, and if served properly, you will experience dining as royals do. And best of all, you can order most of these products online and have them delivered to your doorstep fast.

Furthermore, once it is open, this product needs to be eaten in a couple of days, depending on the method they were preserved. So make sure to invite the company when you decide to do some tasting.