Is American Paddlefish Caviar Good?

It is common knowledge that the best caviar in the world comes from Beluga sturgeon, but unfortunately, this fish has become endangered, and its roe is one of the most expensive food products out there. But there are many substitutes you can try instead of “real caviar,” and one of those substitutes is US-made paddlefish caviar. So is American paddlefish caviar good?

Is American Paddlefish caviar good? Actually, yes. American paddlefish caviar is considered to be excellently substituted for Beluga caviar. As its name suggests, it is made of paddlefish, a river fish that is close relative to the sturgeon.

Black roe

American paddlefish is native to Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky rivers, and their roe has a nice earthy and buttery flavor and is considered a delicacy.

What Makes Paddlefish Caviar  So Unique?

As we mentioned above, paddlefish are a close relative to sturgeon, a fish that gives the best caviar in the world. It can grow up to 200 pounds, and females are considered to be mature at the age of 15, which is the only time when you can harvest the roe. Since the roe can only be harvested once, the paddlefish caviar is considered a delicacy and unique product. You can order it online on:

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The Price of American Paddlefish Is Affordable

American paddlefish caviar, also called Spoonbill, comes from basal Chondrostean ray-finned fish or paddlefish, and it’s very similar to the sturgeon caviar. This paddlefish caviar is probably the most similar caviar you get to find for a really reasonable price and yet taste the real delicacy.

Here are the compared prices of the most famous caviars.

Name of caviarFishOriginPrice
BelugaBeluga sturgeon Huso husothe Caspian Sea$3,200 to $4,500/lb
KalugaHuso Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeonFarmed in China$72 for 1 oz
PaddlefishPaddlefishMississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky rivers$35 for 1oz
Russian Osetra CaviarAcipenser GueldenstaedtiiCaspian sea$136 for 1 oz
American Hackleback CaviarAmerican Shovelnose sturgeonMississippi River$40 for 1 oz

Is American Paddlefish Caviar Good?

Even though it doesn’t come from sturgeon, it is a pretty good replacement for it. The roe is usually small and glossy, and it can come in colors from darker gray to lighter silver, but sometimes it can come in golden brown color.

The taste is bold and earthy with a delicate buttery taste. It is great caviar for those just starting to enjoy this delicacy and unsure where to start.

Its price is what makes this caviar available to many, while the roe itself will represent the true taste of much more expensive caviars.