Kaluga Caviar Review: Why You Should Try It

For tasting some of the best-quality fish roe, the Kaluga caviar is surely the best option legally available in the US. It’s considered the greatest substitute for banned Beluga caviar. And over time, this newer product becomes more and more popular with connoisseurs all around the globe.

Kaluga caviar is made from the world’s largest freshwater Kaluga (Huso Dauricus) sturgeon. Originally from the Amur River, this fish is often referred to as “River Beluga,” and it’s a sustainable farm-raised fish roe solution for endangered European sturgeon or Beluga population.

Black and red caviar on sushi

Knowing what caviar is and which one is best to try can be more difficult than you thought. That’s why I’ll explain what Kaluga caviar is and why it’s one of the greatest fish roes to try. The hybrid versions allow us to taste more incredible combinations of aromas and flavors.

How Is Kaluga Caviar Different From Other Types?

These fish are known for their sizes – they can grow up to 18 feet, making them the largest of their kind. An adult female can produce vast amounts of roe, sometimes reaching a weight of 44 pounds. The roe of this fish is large. It has a nutty buttery taste with a mild touch of sea flavor. It is the type of roe that is most similar to Beluga roe.

The color of Kaluga Caviar can’t compare to other types like Beluga or Ossetra or even red caviar. Still, it does have some unique colors that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s mainly glossy grey, but there are also dark brown and even olive green. And when it gets to the flavor, firm and crispy roes with an earthy and buttery taste with just a bit of salt.

Here is more information about Kaluga caviar.

Explore the Nutritional Value of This Luxurious Snack

When you’re beginning your journey of tasting this luxurious delicacy, take into account the alimentary factors of caviar. Many consumers are preoccupied with its taste and aren’t familiar with why it’s considered a wonder food.

So, don’t be surprised to find out all the nutritional benefits. For example, only a teaspoon will provide you with Omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, including iron, calcium, and magnesium. Enjoy fully in this delicacy, knowing that it’s great for your health and well-being, as well.

Is Kaluga Caviar Legal?

Most Kaluga caviars in the US are from hybrid Kaluga fish. Because of their valuable roe, the Amur River pollution, and high demand in past decades, wild Kaluga sturgeons have been brought to near extinction. Also, they are very vulnerable because of their late sexual maturity – it takes more than seven years for a female sturgeon to produce eggs.

That’s why fishing this species in Russia is prohibited. Today, it is believed that there are around 50,000-55,000 mature individuals in the wild. However, nowadays, eco-friendly and modern companies are farming Kaluga and harvesting their roes.

Sturgeon fish

Is This Hybrid Product a New Beluga Caviar?

The Kaluga caviar represents one of the fiercest competitors of the Beluga caviar. Many connoisseurs find numerous similarities between Beluga and Kaluga caviar’s unique essence. And due to the environmental problems and illegal Beluga caviar production in the US, Kaluga caviar is more than an excellent substitute. Here are other reasons why customers of this delicacy find it appealing:

  • Supply and price – It isn’t under fishing restrictions, like Beluga is, which means it’s easier to buy and the price is less inflated.
  • Taste and texture – medium to large size roe that comes in a wide range of colors (from light to deep brown and gold shades) and buttery and mildly salty flavor are just some of the reasons why Kaluga caviar is people’s first choice.
  • Environmental reasons – Caviar enthusiasts are provided with this delicacy without feeling guilty.

What Are the Main Differences Between Kaluga, Russian Ossetra, and Hackleback Caviar?

There are many types of caviar people take into account as perfect substitutes for illegal Beluga fish roes. These include Kaluga, Russian Osetra caviars, and the more affordable option – Hackleback caviar.

Roe sizeRoe colorTaste
Russian ossetra caviarMedium-sizedFrom light, pearlescent grey to dark brownRich and salty taste
American Hackleback caviarSmaller sizedGlossy dark gray, almost blackSubtle sweetness and mildly buttery taste
Kaluga CaviarLarge-sizedGlossy grey, dark brown and olive greenRich and creamy taste

Where You Can Buy the Best Kaluga Caviar?

Even though some producers have farms of Kaluga sturgeon, most fish roes available on the market are made from hybrid Kaluga fish. The taste ranges depend on the bread, but one thing is for sure – it is one of the best fish roe products you can find on the US market. Let’s see what is the best Kaluga caviar in the US.

Check the Greatest Caviar Available on Caviar Lover and Their Shipping Policy

If you prefer enjoying this delicacy at your home and wondering where you can order the best caviar online, then Caviar Lover is the answer. The farm-raised Acipenser Schrenckii and Hybrid Dauricus gave the Amur Kaluga caviar. The large-sized grains have a nutty flavorand brown/gray color. This excellent choice for any occasion will be just a few steps from the secure shipping of this luxurious delicacy.

Black roes

Imperia Caviar Will Provide You With Top Quality Sturgeon Eggs

Famous for their sustainable, eco-friendly sturgeon farming, Imperia Caviar grows the sturgeon in nearly wild environments, which keeps the quality and taste.

And with responsible harvesting, they improve the experience and flavor. Here you can try Kaluga Hybrid Reserve caviar and also its gift sets.

Find out more about how much Imperia Caviar costs here. Find out more about their shop in LA here.

The Quality Is Guaranteed With Petrossian

The famous Petrossian is globally known for its Kaluga Huso Hybrid. The close cousin of banned Beluga, the Kaluga is the perfect substitute with its savory aromatics and lingering finish. Here you’ll find different grades of caviar that will most certainly provide you with an exquisite tasting experience. At Petrossian, you can find the following caviars:

  • Classic Daurenki from $63,
  • Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid from $504,
  • Tsar Imperial Kaluga Huso Hybrid from $280,
  • Royal Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar from $210.
Black caviar served in the caviar set

Customers Can Try Kaluga Imperial Gold at Marky’s

At Marky’s, there are three types of the most exclusive black gold you can find. They have amber, gold, and black roe made from hybrid sturgeon often referred to as river Beluga. Here are types you can get at Marky’s:

  • Kaluga Fusion Amber– roes made from Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) and Kaluga Sturgeon (Huso Dauricus). The price is $61 for 1oz.
  • Kaluga Fusion Gold – This fish roe has a nutty and bold flavor. The price is $285 for 1.75oz.
  • Kaluga Fusion Black – a farm-raised Kaluga hybrid with the price of $55 for 1oz.

Try Hybrid of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon at Gourmet Foodstore 

Gourmet Foodstore is a market of specialty foods and gourmet gifts. Their Kaluga caviars are made from a hybrid of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon. Also, they made possible a sustainable and exquisite product. And with an excellent gift set, they’ve become the leading place where you can buy and taste great caviars. Here are some of the sets I’ve tried and approved:

Kaluga Fusion Caviar, Black Gift Set$138
Osetra, Sevruga and Kaluga Caviar Taster Set$287
Kaluga Fusion Caviar, Imperial Gold Gift Set$405
Osetra, Sevruga and Kaluga Caviar Sampler Gift Set$287
Kaluga Caviar Sampler Gift Set$347

How Much Does Kaluga Caviar Cost?

We all know that tasting this delicacy isn’t the cheapest hobby. Knowing the caviar costs will mostly depend on producers. However, you need to know that 30 grams (just over one ounce) are from $65 to $85. The most affordable is Hackleback caviar, and you can find fresh caviar for $17. However, you also have the expensive variants that 3.5 oz will cost around $650.

Tips for Perfect Serving Kaluga Caviar

Nowadays, more or less everyone has a chance to taste this delicacy at least once. Tasting fish roe on its own is an enjoyable experience. Still, you should know how to eat them correctly. Paring it with a glass of champagne or vodka will only boost the taste. And if you have a caviar serving set, know that the delight will be complete.

The bubbling champagne will remarkably match and refresh the dish. It will also help clean the palate, especially when caviar is served with cream or butter. If you choose vodka, it will perfectly compliment this delicacy. Although vodka will emphasize the unique taste, it won’t overpower it. Serve it extra cold, and you’ll get a crisp booziness that will keep the caviar richness.

Served black caviar with a glass of champagne

What Is the Best Kaluga Caviar?

Following the gourmet recommendations and my own experience, I presented all the benefits of tasting the amazing Kaluga caviar. In my opinion, Kaluga Hybrid Reserve caviar is the best caviar on the market.You can try and amaze all of your senses. Take into account that you’ll get the perfect experience by serving it properly with a suitable beverage.