Best Caviar in Los Angeles

Caviar is a delicious delicacy, well-loved by those with refined palates and expensive tastes. Originating from Russia, it eventually found its way over to North America, bringing us to today, with restaurants and stores all over Los Angeles in particular.

The best caviar in Los Angeles can be found in shops like Imperia Caviar, Absolute Caviar, and Petrossian Restaurant & Boutique.

Maybe it’s just because of all the movie stars with a taste for fancy and expensive things, although either way—if you live in LA—the restaurants are there for you to enjoy too, and you should take advantage of it.

This article is going to go over the best-ranked caviar restaurants in the Los Angeles area, helping you decide where to go.

People rave about their time at these places, thrilled with both the quality of the caviar and their experiences while inside. Some of these shops even provide delivery for their caviar, perfect if you’re looking to enjoy it at home.

In this article, we’re going to dive deeper into all things caviar at these restaurants, as well as go over some more well-ranked ones in Los Angeles. With so many great options to choose from, it helps to know all the details so that you can narrow down your search for the perfect caviar restaurant.

Best Caviar in Los Angeles

While you may end up just wanting to try them all, you still have to start somewhere.

This detailed list of the best caviar restaurants and shops in Los Angeles.

Imperia Caviar

Imperia caviar is incredibly well-ranked, and for good reason too! They offer a selection of high-quality caviars, and customers here have endless good things to say about their purchases and their customer service. You can order Imperia’s products right to your door, and as almost every customer has said, you’ll keep ordering again and again because it’s just that good.

Imperia caviar offers Kaluga and Osetra caviars, either by themselves or as part of a gift set. The gift sets can be ordered from 3 to 15 at a time, coming with a little tin opener and a traditional mother of pearl serving spoon. Whoever is on the receiving end of these caviar sets are some lucky people!

Absolute Caviar

Absolute Caviar is a very well-loved and respected caviar shop, offering a wide range of products, including both caviars and products to go along with it. A friendly and inviting store, Absolute Caviar has an excellent storefront perfect for browsing, complete with people who would love to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and answer any questions you may have.

They offer Ossetra, Kaluga, Siberian, and Hackleback caviars, giving you many options to choose from. Not only that, but they sell many other products to go along with your caviar, including mini blinis, creme fraiche, and many champagnes that will complement the caviar well. They also sell plenty of fancy accessories so that you can present and serve your caviar in style, like dishes, bowls, and a very wide array of traditional mother of pearl serving spoons.

Petrossian Restaurant & Boutique

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a fancy dining out experience. Petrossian Restaurant was founded in Paris in 1920, and have been known internationally for their culinary creativity, class, and almost most importantly—caviar.

They’ve been in California for nearly 20 years, offering fancy brunches and intimate candlelit dinners, along with a boutique that is regarded as a must-see.

A great thing about Petrossian is that you have the option to dine in at their restaurant or purchase some caviar at their boutique to take home.

Their restaurant menu boasts many mouth-watering options, and it’ll be difficult to decide what to order with so many great choices. Even if you’re there for just the caviar, you’ll still have to decide on which unique meal to order—a couple of the dishes on their menu include a caviar tasting and a caviar flatbread.

Petrossian’s boutique carries multiple varieties of Ossetra, Kaluga, and Siberians caviars, as well as some unique and creative caviar products. They sell a caviar powder, which is made up of dried caviar pearls which you then grind like peppercorns. 

They also sell caviar cubes, which are exactly what they sound like—pure compressed caviar. It has many uses, one of them being for a “caviartini”, an incredibly fancy cocktail that sounds very intriguing.

Lastly, Petrossian’s sells a caviar butter—creamy French butter infused with decadent caviar pearls.

Seven Seas Gourmet Foods

Next on this list of the best places to get caviar in Los Angeles is Seven Seas Gourmet Foods. As their name states, they sell a wide array of gourmet foods, caviar included. Customers say that they were met with excellent customer service and very knowledgeable staff, leaving the store with a great deal more information than when they went in. Some even got to sample certain caviars, reassuring them on their decision of which to purchase.

Seven Seas specializes in smoked fish and caviar, making them an excellent option if you’re putting together a fancy platter filled with a variety of proteins that all complement one another. They have a wide array of caviars that you can order to your doorstep, some as much as 1lb containers. If you’re looking for a caviar feast, Seven Seas is the place to go.

Epicurus Gourmet

Last but not least on this list is Epicurus Gourmet, who are like a mini store for all things fancy. From caviar, cheese, pate, duck, sausage, truffle products, and much more, this store really has it all. They’re a one-stop shop for putting together the classiest, most delicious charcuterie board out there, and all your guests will agree.

They sell quality imported caviars, and excitingly enough, offer the option of buying their products at wholesale. If you’ve ever joked that you wanted to buy a truckload of caviar, Epicurus Gourmet could make that dream happen for you.

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