Tobiko Caviar Review

If you’re looking for only the best ingredients for your sushi, then don’t forget about the tobiko caviar, as well. Every Japanese delicacy lover knows it’s an inevitable ingredient that gives your dish a salty and smoky taste. So, if you’ve never bought it before, check what the places you should definitely check out are.

Tobiko caviar is made from special flying fish roe, and it’s a great substitute for more expensive Beluga caviar. Tobiko is an important part of many delicious Japanese recipes, like sushi rolls that many people nowadays make at their homes. Although tobiko has a slightly different taste than classic caviar, it’s known as Japanese caviar.

Solomon with wasabi caviar

If you’re interested in finding more about tobiko and its taste, keep reading. I’ve tried it from several places and will show you the best one.

Is Flying Fish Caviar Worth Trying?

No matter if you’ve tried caviar before or not, tobiko is something completely different. And, naturally, you should try it if you have the opportunity. The good news is that tobiko is a more affordable option than the classic sturgeon caviar. That’s how you’ll spend around $38 for 8 oz of tobiko. On the other hand, prepare at least $30 for just one ounce of the sturgeon caviar.

The important thing to remember when it comes to tasting tobiko is not to look at it as the more affordable replacement for luxurious caviar. Flying fish eggs are a delicacy by themselves and can improve many dishes, especially the Japanese ones.

How Does the Tobiko Caviar Taste Like?

Although it’s practically caviar, there’s one big difference – the taste. Yes, there is that sea breeze you’ll feel on your palate, but count on a bit of saltiness and sweetness, too.

Tobiko will also bring out the smoky taste. It’s because the procedure for these fish eggs is processed. Many people compare it with the taste of the seaweed, but the texture is more than different.

Here is more information about how red caviar tastes.

Also, keep in mind that adding different ingredients will change the taste. For example, the most popular combination is with wasabi. Not only do the fish eggs change color to light green, but they get that spicy taste too. The black color, for example, comes from the squid ink, and the roe gets a nice bitter and nutty taste.

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California Caviar Has the Perfect Match for Flying Fish Roe and Sashimi

California Caviar Company made this delicacy available for many caviar lovers across the country. However, their brand is based on sustainability, education, and innovation. That’s why they are one of the top-notch producers nowadays.

So, if you want to try something new and delicious, tobiko should be your choice. This roe of the flying fish is small but firm. And with the mild taste, they practically make the perfect ingredient you can add to practically any dish. So, choose one of four Tobiko roes you can find here – orange, black, wasabi, and red.

 Red caviar on biscuits

Pick the Favorite Color of the Genki Tobiko Caviar at Caviar Star

The Caviar Star is one of the leading brands that supply many retail customers, wholesalers, chefs, and distributors with the top-rated selection of caviar and other specialties. One of those specialties you should absolutely try is Genki tobiko. It is the first-rated caviar from flying fish roe.

The fish is wild-caught in Taiwan, and its eggs are freshly packed in glass jars of one, two, and three ounces. There are also seven oz tins and 500 g of frozen product packed in plastic containers. Also, at Caviar Star, you can choose the black, green, orange, and red fish eggs, and the price remains the same – $15 for two oz (56g).

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Have the Fresh Ingredient for Your Rolls and Sushi from Marky’s

Marky’s has been in the business for many years, and this brand is globally known for exceptional quality and carefully selected products. Each caviar jar is packed manually per order which ensures the freshness of the product. Apart from traditional black sturgeon caviar, here you’ll find exotic versions of caviar like tobiko.

Sushi Tobiko Black Caviar

Masago black caviar is a great choice when you want to add additional crunchiness and decoration to your dish. These small and firm roes have an amber color originally, with when a natural squid ink is added, they become beautiful black.

And the delicate salty taste is an amazing tasty touch for any dish, but especially Japanese delicacies. Add a fresh sea breeze and crunchy taste to your meal.

Here is more information about black caviar.

Exotic Wasabi Caviar

If you’re more into trying something exotic, then you should give wasabi sushi caviar a try. It’s a common ingredient for more than just one type of sushi precisely because of the spicy flavor. In fact, wasabi is a staple of Japanese cuisine, so no wonder why flying fish eggs are mixed with it. As a result, we have bright green eggs with a spicy and strong taste.

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Check Out What Tobiko You Can Get From Gourmet Foodstore

The Gourmet Foodstore is well-known across the whole country for its premium products. There’s no difference when it comes to seafood like tobiko. You’ll enjoy the most outstanding quality flying fish eggs. So, if you’re looking for a perfect mediator in your dish that has a mild yet crunchy flavor, know that tobiko is the ingredient you’re looking for. Although it’s usually used as a topping to many dishes – nigiri and sushi rolls, it can also be a great addition to practically any dish and give it a popping color.

At Gourmet Foodstore, you can find a colorful selection of this tasty substitute for luxurious caviar. Check their assortment and decide which one will bring your next dish a dash of flavor and color.

Capelin black 1 oz$15.40
Tobiko Red 17.50 oz plastic container$71.68
Wasabi Capelin 1 oz$15.40
Tobico Ginger 1 oz, glass jar$13.48
Tobiko Red 1 oz$15.40
Tobiko Orange 1 oz$15.40

Include Catalina Offshore Products When Making Sushi at Home

Wanting to try something new and make sushi on your own? Don’t worry, with the right ingredients, it will be a piece of cake. However, how to know which one is better than the other, right? When it comes to tobiko, know that you’ll have high-quality black tobiko caviar with Catalina offshore products.

This high-quality sushi roe in the beautiful black color is a popular garnish for many dishes like sushi rolls, sashimi, oysters, and also pairing with smoked salmon. The crunchy texture of these eggs will pop up the whole experience in your mouth. Apart from sushi, these black roes will combine perfectly with lobster, scallops, or raw oysters. And here are the product info:

  • Sushi grade,
  • Mild smoky and salty taste with a bit of sweetness and crunchy texture,
  • Frozen,
  • Product comes in two sizes: 5.8 oz at $15.99 and 500 g at $45.99,
  • Ingredients: herring roe, flying fish roe, gluten-free soy sauce, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, and salt.

Find Out Their Sustainable Story

Since the 1970s, Catalina Offshore Products has been looking for the best possible way to preserve nature. The founder and owner, Dave Rudie, still runs it as a family company, although the business spread, and nowadays Catalina Offshore is one of the leading fresh and frozen seafood purveyors in California.

As a result of their remarkable reputation, they have numerous opportunities for collaborations with other companies and organizations that are doing everything to grow the sustainable policy of making seafood.

White caviar on a spoon

Lobster Place Can Provide You With Wasabi Tobiko Wild

Wasabi tobiko is a common part of Japanese cooking. However, it’s mostly used when making sushi. So, if you’re curious to try something completely new, don’t waste more time. Lobster Place has Wasabi tobiko wild that’s practically a flying fish roe mixed with wasabi. As a result, you’ll have ingredients that will add texture and flavor to your dish.

The interesting part is not just the bright green color of the roe that will bring out another charm of the dish, but this tobiko caviar is a bit sweet, too. So, expect the perfect combination of spicy wasabi and sweetness on your palate while trying it.

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Fun and Inexpensive Caviar – Tobiko Has It All

A versatile caviar that is affordable and fun to mix with other dishes is definitely something you need to try. I tried many brands of tobiko, but I pick one every time when I wish to spice up my meal a bit – the one from Catalina Offshore. It’s not just the taste that will make you fall in love with these fish eggs, but also the company’s sustainability story. This is the topic that concerns us all, and it’s more important than ever.