The Most Expensive Caviar – You Won’t Believe How Much This Costs…

The most expensive caviar in the world is the Strottarga Bianco caviar. With an exclusive price of $120,000/lb, it becomes the world’s most expensive food as well. It is produced from the eggs (roe) of the rare beluga sturgeon.

Before the Strottarga Bianco caviar, Almas was considered the most expensive around the globe, which is sold for an average of $15,000/lb. This caviar is derived from the eggs of the rare Iranian albino beluga sturgeon.

The rare Beluga sturgeon is found in the Iranian basins of the Caspian Sea and the Black sea.

What is the most expensive caviar? The Austrian Caviar Strottarga Bianco – $120,000/lb

What is the Strottarga Bianco caviar price? This $120,000/lb roe was coined the most expensive caviar in the world by Walter and Patrick Grüll, who breed the fish from which comes the most expensive caviar in the world. They’re Austria’s only known sturgeon breeders and caviar producers at the moment.

The Grülls’ white caviar is comparatively new in the market. When people ask why is the Strottarga Bianco caviar price so high, even if it’s new, there are several answers. They’re unique, single caviar producers in Austria, and have a tiny fish farm in Salzburg. Harvesting is special because the quantities are low, and the fish live in less fabricated conditions.

In contrast to Almas, which carried the most expensive caviar price for a long time, Strottarga Bianco has a powdery feel but possesses a creamy and velvety texture. This extravagant and notoriously expensive caviar is priced based on its exclusive taste, feel, and health benefits.

It’s also the most expensive caviar in the world because 5 kg of white roe from the rare sturgeon makes only 1 kg of Strottarga Bianco caviar. The rest of the roe just gets lost during the process of dehydration.

Walter Grüll explained the making of Strottarga Bianco caviar, where the sturgeon roe is first dehydrated and then ground to convert into white caviar. A gold leaf of 22 karats is also used in the manufacturing of the most expensive caviar Strottarga Bianco. It envelopes the white caviar and can sometimes be mixed into it.

If you want the caviar without the gold, that’s also available at slightly reduced prices. The golden caviar price is higher because of the gold flakes, which are apparently added because they possess certain health benefits, mainly pertaining to our immune system.

Of course, for anyone not interested in actually consuming flakes of metal, since the health benefits of gold aren’t exactly proven, buying the rare Strottarga Bianco caviar without it will also make you quite happy. The point is in its excellent and attractive flavor, which it has in abundance.

Iranian Caviar Almas – $15,000/lb

In Persian ‘Almas’ means ‘diamond’. There are plenty of reasons why this rare caviar has this name. No, it’s not just the Iranian caviar price, but there’s something about its shape, color, and taste as well. Diamonds are rare and beautiful, and Almas has a similar impression.

Firstly, the name ‘diamond’ is likely because of its beautiful color that resembles S-Z scale diamonds. It could also be due to its health benefits, which we have a clean and long-lasting record of, starting from the middle ages and continuing until today.

While all caviars have an interesting taste, Almas’s is very unique and particular. As soon as you take a spoonful and roll it in your mouth you’ll experience a unique, rich buttery, and creamy taste inspired by a nutty and strong flavor.

A Brief History of the World’s Most Expensive Caviars

Who and when set the trend of eating sturgeon fish eggs and similar fish roe is not clear. However, native Iranians are said to be the earliest people ever known to eat it. After the Persians, there were the Greeks who, from the 5th to the 8th century reportedly imported caviar from the Crimean Peninsula located by the northern coast of the Black Sea.

Romans were also aware of the benefits and the use of white sturgeon roe. They used to believe that it had great healing powers. The Russians used beluga sturgeon eggs as a great protein source in the early ages before they turned into a rarer type of food/hors d’oeuvre.

Despite all this, the most expensive caviar price reflects the fact it’s always been a luxury food item and a part of royal dining tables.

How to Eat Caviar? The Optimum Way!

Most caviar is usually served in a non-metallic, usually glass bowl to avoid metal contamination in the flavor. Ice is often placed beneath the bowl to keep the ideal temperature. As a rule, caviar is eaten with bare hands using the index finger and the thumb.

Further, caviar must be eaten alone to enjoy the complete delicacy of its rich taste. Still, it can be served with champagne or other similar, bubbly drinks like prosecco to enhance the flavor and savor it better. Other ways to eat caviars are to use them on toast, pasta, or any other similar snack item.

Where Can it be Found? (Outlets)

Asking what is the most expensive caviar isn’t a question everyone wants to ask, but those curious about the taste should know it can be found in various places, including caviar houses and online shops around the world.

In their book “101 things to buy before you die,” Charlotte Williamson & Maggie Davis describe many sources where a consumer can buy the white gold caviar, Almas. Just like itself, its packaging is also very special. Almas is specifically packed in a 24-karat gold container, so the box is extra special, too.

Why the World’s Most Expensive Caviar is So Expensive

Now that you know how much is the most expensive caviar and why you can also calculate if buying a box of this rare caviar is worth it. White caviar is the rare and most expensive caviar type. It comes from the rare albino sturgeon which is an endangered animal (species).

It takes almost 20 years for the Albino Sturgeon to reach its maximum size. This certainly suggests that it is almost impossible to produce caviar on the commercial level in a short time. It’s also your answer to the question: “what is the most expensive caviar you can buy?”

There are only 30 sturgeon breeders in the world. According to them, it takes about ten years when a sturgeon gets ready to harvest the roe.

Another rare factor is the age of the albino sturgeon. She lives only up to 100 years because of the melanin pigments that make a sturgeon what it is. The older the sturgeon is, the more delicious and tasteful caviar it produces; albino surgeons have a more limited lifetime so their caviar is doubly rare.

Hence, all of these factors make white gold caviar (produced from the albino sturgeon roe) the most expensive caviar on the earth. You can find out more about why caviar is expensive here.