Best Caviar Gift Sets – The Best Gift For Foodies

Whether you’ve got a caviar connoisseur in your life or you just like giving generally fancy gifts, giving someone a caviar set is an excellent and thoughtful option.

There are many different options to choose from out there, all ranging in quality, price, and types of caviar. In this article, we’re going to go over some of the best-rated ones so that you can be sure your gift is as well-received as you intend it to be.

There are plenty of caviar gift sets on the market, so while deciding which one is the very best is more of an opinion than it is anything else, I can tell you some of the overall better-rated ones.

This website has many options to choose from, all of them being wonderful choices depending on what exactly you’re looking for. You can set the website to show the highest rated caviar products, which include the American Caviar Sampler Gift Set along with the Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Box. 

We’ll go over these products along with some other highly rated ones throughout the rest of the article, delving further into what these gift sets contain. Along with this, we’ll touch base on a bit of history about caviar and why some kinds are so much more expensive than others, which will help you better understand the product you’re purchasing.

Best Caviar Gift Sets

Caviar gift sets come in all different sizes and contain many different products, so in this section, we’re going to break down everything that’s inside some well-rated gift sets so that you’re aware of what exactly is in the gift you’re giving.

The Deluxe Gourmet Food Gift Box

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This gift set has it all; a variety of delicious delicacies like cheeses, chocolates, and foie gras mousse, along with handmade blinis, mini toasts, and balsamic vinegars, and of course—caviar. The caviar in this set is from the paddlefish and hackleback, which are some of their bestselling caviars. This gift box also contains smoked salmon and creme fraiche, making it well-rounded and ready to eat with almost every topping you could want.

The deluxe gift box is large and contains many components outside of just the caviar, which makes it a great option for an office gift or for multiple people. That, or for one lucky person who you think would enjoy a caviar feast. This set costs $218 American, so it’s a very generous gift for just one person.

American Caviar Sampler Gift Set

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This gift set is the perfect generous gift for one or two people who are mainly just interested in caviar, as it contains three different kinds. This set comes with black bowfin caviar, hackleback caviar, and paddlefish caviar, which they deem as “the essentials.” To enjoy the caviar with, the American set comes with handmade mini blinis and a container of creme fraiche. 

So while this gift set is less extravagant than the last, it does contain a larger variety of caviar, so it’s great for those who are big on caviar and don’t care much for a bunch of fancy toppings. This set costs $94 American, so it’s a bit of a cheaper option than the last.

Osetra and Sevruga Caviar Sampler Gift Set

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This gift set contains two very popular and well-loved caviars—osetra and sevruga. These buttery, nutty caviars are a fan favourite in the caviar world, and it’s recommended that you try them at least once. Paired with the handmade mini blinis and creme fraiche that come with this set, these caviars will be the star of the show, just as they should be.

The osetra and sevruga caviar gift set is $200 American, so a bit of a higher price point, but we think you’ll find it very worth it.

Fancy Brunch Gift Set

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This gift set is super fun and exciting, perfect for a fancy brunch with friends who will appreciate the finer things. The brunch set comes with hackleback caviar, smoked salmon, handmade mini blinis, and creme fraiche. The caviar will be well-complemented by the smoked salmon, and the creme fraiche will tie it all together. It doesn’t stop there, though—this set also includes camembert le bocage, mini toasts, tender Serrano ham, and a luscious dill and lemon sauce. This gift set has it all, and would be the perfect present for someone who you know will appreciate it.

For a sweet treat after brunch, this set also includes French almond macarons—a great way to end a great meal. The fancy brunch gift set costs $191 American dollars, so it’s a generous offer, and whoever is on the receiving end will very much appreciate it.

A Brief History of Caviar

Traditionally, caviar came from sturgeon found in the Caspian Sea. There are many different kinds of sturgeon, some as large as 3000 pounds, and almost every kind have been used for caviar. When the waters were plentiful with sturgeon, caviar was hardly seen as a delicacy, and used to be given out at dining establishments along with your drink, and at the very most was sold for a nickel. As time went on and sturgeon were caught faster than they could reproduce, the price of caviar began to rise as the supplies diminished.

Nowadays, the vast majority of sturgeon are farmed, which has allowed for the production rate to rise and prices to somewhat drop. It’s very rare to see a container of caviar that was wild-caught; in fact, the importation and sale of some wild caviars are banned in America due to the critically low populations in the wild. 

Beluga caviar, which is hailed as the most prized caviar on the market, is one type that is banned in America. You can still purchase it in Europe, although it is the most expensive type of caviar out there, so you’ll have to be a serious connoisseur to want to pay the pretty penny that it costs. Besides, there are many other more accessible caviars on the market that will do the trick.