Where to Find the Best Caviar in Chicago

Living in a city like Chicago is a venture of its own – it can become too overwhelming at times. So it comes as no surprise that you might want to treat yourself every once in a while to some good food. Find the best caviar in Chicago with my guide to the places you most certainly should visit.

The best places in Chicago to eat caviar are Eataly, Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar, and Alinea. All of these places have been in the industry for a while and are experts at providing their customers with great service. That’s why they are some of the top-rated places in Wind City.

If you’re new to the world of this delicacy but want a great first experience, having a complete guide of must-visit places is essential. Don’t worry! You won’t have to do all the research by yourself. I’ll attempt to show you why visiting these places is a good idea. However, remember that every person has their own preferences. That’s why I took some of the most important factors into consideration when compiling this list – the overall atmosphere, caviar variety, and service.

A New Complete Guide to the Restaurants With the Best Caviar in Chicago

Every well-known spot I mentioned above has many options for you to taste and buy. An abundant variety of roe from Beluga, Osetra, and Sterluga sturgeon is what you can expect when visiting some (or all) of these places. Check out what an amazing tasty experience you can find in the Windy City.

This City Offers Newbies and Connoisseurs a Great Chance to Try the Most Luxurious Delicacy

Being one of the largest cities in the US, Chicago has numerous dining options where you can taste the luxurious seafood staple. However, it’s a completely different experience if you do it in one of the top-rated places. So let’s take a closer look at each restaurant.

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Enjoy the Luxurious and Sustainable Calvisius Caviar in Eataly 

Try sustainable luxury food from Calvisius at Eataly. They import it from an avant-garde farm in Lombardia, which has been producing since 1977. Imagine a combination of Italian tradition and nature in your mouth. Not only will you get to taste the premium product, but you’ll also get the greatest service at Eataly. Don’t hesitate to contact them and find out how magic is made in their kitchen. Let’s see what the price range of this delicious treat you can find at Eataly is:

White Sturgeon 28.5 Grams/1oz$69
White Sturgeon 50 Grams/1.75 oz$119
White Sturgeon 125 Grams/4.5oz$289
White Sturgeon 250 Grams/8.75oz$549

Heritage Restaurant and Caviar Bar Continues Long Traditions

There’s no greater gift to yourself and your loved ones than feeding all your senses. Behind the Heritage Restaurant and Caviar bar is famous chef Guy Meikle, ensuring an excellent variety of caviar types and prices. Although it’s a relatively new place, the team that is behind it is doing an amazing job and is providing an outstanding and innovative menu combined with old traditions and heritage to their customers.

Explore the Story of the Restaurant and Bar in Chicago

This place is well-known for its food quality and mixes no one else has done before. For example, have you ever thought that sour cream and cheddar chip ice cream with the Polanco Siberian caviar as a topping would be something you would want to try? Probably not, but the team that is working hard on innovative ideas will bring all the good flavors together and blow your mind. Also, combining chicharron and Polanco Caviar from Uruguay might seem like an odd combination to most people. However, the kitchen staff in this place know what they’re doing and are aware of how to create a tandem that will bring a whole new level of flavors to your palate.

Alinea – Modernist Cuisine 

A dining experience on a rooftop with some of the most luxurious food in the world sounds like something you would like to experience? Alinea would most certainly provide you with exactly that. An upgraded kitchen with modern cookware ensures that the patrons get the best possible service. This means that the chef changes the menu every day, so guests will get different dishes every time they want to dine here. And the price range is reasonable given the fact that they serve the most luxurious types of caviar – you will need about $200 for a meal per person.

Explore Bars and Restaurants for Online Orders 

Many people prefer to dine in the privacy of their homes. If you’re one of them, there are numerous places where you can use the opportunity to get take-out. Check out the following places and get food you can enjoy in an intimate setting with family or friends:

  • Wixter Market,
  • Dirk’s Fish & Gourmet Shop,
  • Daniel’s Caviar,
  • The FishGuy Market,
  • Chicago French Market,
  • Supreme Lobster and Seafood Company.

Experience the Blast of Flavor in Some of the Top-Rated Places in Windy City

Do your homework and read the menu before going out for a meal. Use the power of the internet and check what place will serve you the greatest luxurious treat. Whether you prefer the privacy of your home or going out and exploring public events, the Wind City will provide you with a wide range of choices.