All You Need to Know About Caviar Petrossian

It’s not a secret that I’m a real caviar lover and that I tasted almost every single one available in the US market – my obsession was so strong that I visited all sixteen farms across the country and compared their products. Caviar Petrossian, however, left the greatest impression on my caviar tour, and here is everything you can expect from every single product of theirs. 

Caviar Petrossian is one of the most famous caviar producers across the globe. They have a wide range of products that come from Beluga, Kaluga, Ossetra, and Stavruga, so everyone can find and enjoy the taste they like most. Here are what salty fish eggs are the best pick whether you are a beginner or a serious connoisseur of caviar.

When diving into the unknown, it is always better to be as prepared as possible, and after reading my guide, you’ll feel like a true connoisseur of the Petrossian delicacy. 

Complete Tasting Guide on Caviar Petrossian Flavors 

Petrossian Caviar offers a wide variety of different caviar types, allowing you to taste literally every existing sort of it. Although their great service and the royalty treatment of every single guest will make you feel like you’ve been there at least a hundred times before (at least this is how I felt), knowing where to start or what to expect from their tastes if you are the first time in their restaurant could be pretty helpful. 

That’s why I decided to prepare this small but realistic guide on the flavors they produce and show you what you can expect to enjoy this luxury experience to the maximum. 

The Petrossian Selection

Caviar is a luxurious delicacy, but they are many varieties of it. When it comes to Petrossian, those seeking a more luxurious experience can opt for the Beluga Caviar Selection which includes five different types of caviar from around the world.

Petrossian also offers a caviar tasting program with different selections offered each month. Whether they’re looking for the perfect accompaniments to a dinner party or simply want to indulge in a luxurious meal, Petrossian has the perfect caviar for everyone. With the highest quality caviars available, Petrossian is sure to please even the most discerning of palates.

If You’re Tasting Caviar for the First Time, Start From Sevruga Blends 

If you’ve heard that fish eggs taste like an ocean, you’re absolutely right. However, the taste doesn’t have to be that intense if you choose the right kind of caviar, and that’s why I would always recommend starting with Sevruga blends

The fresh flavor that upgrades with every bite was the turning point that made the caviar world’s sensation, and that’s why I highly recommend it to all those who try it for the first time, to begin with Sevruga. When it comes to taste itself, you can expect a pretty homogeneous and gentle mixture of butter and brine that goes perfectly well with champagne. The beads are of a firmer kind, and they come in gray and black colors.

I usually pick this product whenever I want to make a glorious Netflix night for myself since it is one of the more affordable (but still high-quality products). Moreover, it has one of the most neutral flavors, which can be a perfect option for a light dinner combined with a fresh salad. 

Ossetra – The Legendary Varietal, Always a Safe Choice 

Picking Osetra means the potential for making a wrong choice is simply impossible. Osetra caviar was actually the first sort I ever tried that made me fall in love with this refined dish. However, from this point of view, after tasting so many kinds of caviar, I would definitely leave it as a second choice. 

Once you get used to the neutral flavor that Sevruga caviar blends give, and you want to try something different, Ossetra caviar comes as a perfect choice. Firm, juicy beads, a subtle combination of fruity and nutty flavors, in addition to divine aromas, are definitely major reasons why Osetra caviar is one of the best sellers at Caviar Petrossian

When it comes to smaller quantities, you can buy or order online at Caviar Petrossian five different types of caviar. Aside from the price, there is also the difference in the size and firmness of the beads, so you can easily find your favorite variant and enjoy the light, gentle taste of it. 

Kaluga Caviar or the Most Sublime Tasting Experience I Wanted to Last Forever

Only real foodies will understand my excitement and such an emotional description. However, I really hope everyone will realize how serious I am when speaking of it this way. Kaluga is a hybrid kind of caviar that brings a real masterpiece to every plate. The lavish, buttery but light flavor and firm eggs are the reason why this caviar is a rising star at Petrossian’s. 

The word that could sublimate all my impressions into one is – impressive. Kaluga caviar is simply impressively tasty and a must-try. So, whenever you want to impress your loved ones or want to treat yourself, go for Kaluga caviar. 

For the Most Refined, Five Senses Experience, Try Tsar Imperial Beluga Hybrid Caviar 

Beluga caviar is definitely my favorite pick, most possibly because it was unavailable in the US market for a long time. Nevertheless, the reason why I find it best is because of its refined, light, and fresh taste, which makes this blend so unique. 

Actually, the Petrossian Beluga caviar is a mixture of Beluga and Sevruga, and for that reason, it tastes so buttery and creamy. Besides, I must say that the firmness of the beads also led me to this impression, as well as the fabulous pairing with champagne. 

There are two kinds of Beluga caviar you can buy as a small package and bring to your place. So, whenever you want to feel that luxurious vibe and impress your loved ones, you’ll be ready to serve a real masterpiece. 

Limited Edition of Daurenki Tsar Imperial Is the Best Pick for an Absolute Caviar Connoisseur

The way I would explain the specific taste of Daurentki Tsar Imperial Caviar is that it tastes creamy, buttery, and bursts with a refreshing note of port wine. Also, I noticed that the flavor is upgraded with a blend of toasted and dried fruits, which brings an additional layer of richness and complexity. 

However, keep in mind that it has a little bit more of a robust taste, and you should leave it for the end since it comes as a top-tasting experience. Here, every bite brings you to another sphere of flavors, and its aura of exclusivity definitely spices up the whole experience. 

There Are Only 3 Restaurants in the USA Where You Can Try Caviar Petrossian 

The Petrossian family started the production in Paris back in 1920, and since their fame was so big, they decided to expand their business to the US. Today, the Petrossian family (third generation) runs three restaurants in the US and two more in Europe. Caviar Petrossian is a luxurious caviar brand and purveyor of premium-grade sturgeon roe from around the world. Their mission is to provide customers with the finest quality, most carefully selected caviar products.

Everyone who tried their service said it was a delightful experience, which made me curious enough to go and try it by myself. The final conclusion of mine? Well, if I may notice, they are so dedicated to their guests that they are in a league of their own. 

More Than a Century of Experience Helped Them Master the Highest Quality of Service 

Not only can all restaurants serve as an example of refined luxury, but also some of the best chefs work there. The Petrossian family has really succeeded in presenting this European-like elegance spirit and making their guests feel welcome and pleasant.

The detail that swept me off my feet is the royalty treatment you get once you step into the restaurant. Before I ordered the dish, they presented me with the selection of eight kinds of caviar they serve so I could taste the difference and choose the one that I liked most. 

There was no rush, and I was given enough time to feel all the aromas to the fullest while the experienced waiter was guiding me through every kind of caviar, describing each flavor and helping me to select the right one. 

Here Are the Exclusive Locations Where You Can Find Their Restaurants

If you want to impress your loved one with a first-class restaurant experience, then Petrossian Caviaryou can’t go wrong with any of the Petrossian restaurants. The sophisticated immediacy, professional service, and delightful delicacies made me feel like I’d just stepped into a chic and classy Parisian restaurant and transferred me to some other dimension. 

Here are their three most famous restaurants in the US, visit one or all of them if you want to experience a prime service: 

  • Bellagio Restaurant in Las Vegas was named one of the best hotel bars in the US. Also, it is one of the most luxurious places in the whole city. Here, visitors can enjoy not only the delicacies of Petrossian cuisine but also the casino or a splendid evening with live music. 
  • West Hollywood Restaurant & Boutique is located in Los Angeles, close to Beverly Boulevard, and is one of the locals’ favorite spots for any type of meal. Since it has been there for around two decades, it is an important part of LA’s culinary scene.
  • New York City Boutique, located in the heart of Central Park, a landmark of NY for decades. In the video below, you will get a glimpse of what you can expect from a visit to a New York City Boutique restaurant. I believe this will make it clear why it is one of the best choices when it comes to hedonistic experiences in the Big Apple. 

What Petrossian Caviar Will Be Your First Choice? 

When it comes to choosing the best caviar, Petrossian is a go-to source for many connoisseurs. Founded in 1920 in Paris, France, Petrossian has been producing some of the finest caviars in the world ever since. Their selection of caviar includes a range of styles and varieties that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Depending on the occasion or preference, Petrossian offers caviars that can be savored with blinis, crème fraiche, and other accompaniments.

I am sure that such a wide choice doesn’t make it easier to decide what to try first. However, I hope that those reviews I made will help you to learn what to expect and what is the best way to start tasting the caviar or enjoy it to the fullest if you’re an experienced connoisseur. Whatever you decide to pick, one thing is sure – Petrossians are absolute masters in making high-quality caviars. So, for an unforgettable culinary experience, look no further than Petrossian’s selection of caviar.