What Fish is American Caviar From?

There is no need for you to travel to Iran or Russia to try top-class caviar – there is plenty of good quality fish roe available in the US. You probably heard about American caviar, but do you know what fish is American caviar from?

What fish is American caviar from? If we consider caviar to be only from sturgeon, then American caviar only comes from shovelnose sturgeon, and it is named Hackleback caviar.

 a Can of American caviar on ice

On the other hand, many other fish species besides the Sturgeon family produce unique roe. Keep reading and find out what type of caviars are there in the US.

What Fish Is American Caviar From? Where Does Hackleback Caviar Come From?

If we follow the rules of what constitutes true caviar, only fish roe that comes from Sturgeon can be called caviar. Even though the US was not considered to be a big producer of caviar, that has changed in recent years. On the world map of great caviars, American caviar has now taken its place under the sun. The true American caviar comes from Shovelnose Sturgeon, also known as Hackleback. This specimen can be found in the Missouri River and Mississippi River systems.

There Are More Sturgeon Species in the US

Aside from Hackleback, are many sturgeon species can be found in the US. Some of them are endangered and forbidden to be harvested, while others have only recently become popular for their roe. Many American caviar producers have shifted to sustainable farming of these fish and make their own caviar. Here are some of the most popular sturgeons that contribute to caviars that can be found in the US:

  • Wild Atlantic Sturgeon,
  • White Sturgeon,
  • Alabama Sturgeon.

What About American Caviars Made From Other Fish?

Aside from sturgeons, many people eat fish roe that comes from other species. And even though there is a debate about what makes caviar the real deal, there is no doubt that many fish roe coming from other species is similar in taste and texture to a famous Beluga or Kaluga caviar. Here are some of the best American caviars.

Name of the caviarFishDescriptionPrice
American Paddlefish Caviar or SpoonbillPaddlefish, close relative to sturgeonDark gray, small roe with bold and earth flavor$26 for 1 oz
American Black Caviar or Bownfin roeChoupique or BownfinBlack small roe$15 for oz
American Alaskan Salmon CaviarSalmonLarge roe in bright  red color$9 for 1 oz