Is Caviar Worth It

Tasting caviar, for many people, represents the greatest enjoyment they can give themselves. On the other hand, we all know this is a luxurious snack, and it’s completely understandable to ask yourself: ”Is caviar worth it?” Let’s answer it and ensure you won’t spend a fortune on this delicacy in vain.

Caviar is worth it once you include all the health benefits and amazing flavor it leaves in your mouth after tasting it. So, learn how to serve and eat it as best possible, but be careful because this delicacy can be pretty expensive.

Caviar served with another meal at the restaurant

Learn all about caviar and then decide whether it’s worth the money or not.

Is Caviar Worth It? Explore All the Health Benefits of This Luxurious Snack

Besides just being a garnish for some dishes, one of the amazing facts about this delicacy is its many health benefits. After all, with its firm texture and fishy taste, it’s hard not to get that ”pop” of flavors in your mouth. Besides the culinary experience you’ll have by just tasting this luxurious meal, check out the numerous benefits it will bring to your health:

  • A nutritional benefitcaviar nutrition is an important topic. A small amount of caviar will boost your health with protein, carbs, fat, iron, selenium, vitamin B12, and sodium.
  • Reduce skin aging – since caviar is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it helps the collagen in your skin to remain fresh and keep you looking young.
  • Improve mental and brain health – it’s the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in caviar that makes it a great food for your brain and overall mental health.

Why Is Caviar So Expensive?

When you hear some people say that caviar is just some fish eggs, many might wonder whether it’s a good idea to spend so much money on something like that. However, there is a more affordable version of caviar which comes from salmon, capelin, and lumpfish.

On the other hand, traditional caviar comes from farmed sturgeon species. If you didn’t know, there are even 27 different species of this fish. There’s a big problem since this fish is highly endangered. That’s why breeding and harvesting processes make this delicacy so expensive. Here are the prices of some of the most expensive caviar in the world:

ProductPrice per tin
White Gold Caviar$100,000
Almas Caviar$34,000
Russian Volga Reserve Ossetra Caviar$540
Sevruga Classic Grey Caviar$150
Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar$120

What Does Caviar Taste Like?

When you pick the best caviar for beginners, it’s important to be aware of what taste to expect. After all, it doesn’t really matter what caviar tastes like, it’s essential that you enjoy it, right? So let’s see what flavor you can expect.

Caviar is usually salty, but the saltiness intensity will mainly depend on the fish species. Small and firm eggs will burst in your mouth, leaving a nutty and sometimes buttery taste. Also, some caviar types have a fresher or brier taste than others.

One thing is sure – you’ll be left with the fresh and salty feel in your mouth after tasting this delicacy. Many people would also describe it as a wind of fresh ocean breeze. But all this depends on the caviar quality. Be careful when ordering online since you won’t be able to try it out before making a purchase.

How to Serve and Eat Caviar?

Once you have the wanted caviar, it’s good to know how to eat and serve it. After all, making the whole event of it is the least you can do after buying the best caviar in the world. So, do you eat it with a fork or a spoon, what amount is enough, and is there a traditional serving that you could do?

Caviar is typically served on its own in small amounts. But nowadays, it also can be a garnish to some fantastic meals or just on top of plain toast, crackers, or cucumber slices. This way, the mild ocean flavor won’t be overpowered. As a final touch, pair it with some champagne, and voila – you’ll be a real hedonist.

As mentioned before, there’s also a traditional serving. This means you should serve caviar in a porcelain, glass, or crystal bowl on ice. Use a mother-of-pearl spoon, and you’re ready to do some amazing tasting.

Black caviar served with seafood

Is Caviar Worth It – You Decide

Don’t be afraid of the extremely high price tags caviar has. You can always get a small amount to treat yourself and your loved ones on special occasions. While the choice should really depend on you and your financial status, it’s definitely worth trying and the investment.