What Is the Best Caviar in the World?

Caviar is known as one of the most expensive and luxurious delicacies across the globe. Prices range from $50 to $3,000 per ounce, and here is everything you need to know about the best caviar in the world to understand all the hype about this product. 

Beluga is considered the best caviar in the world. Eggs can be harvested from Sturgeon fish species like Beluga, Kaluga (River Beluga), Almas (White Beluga), Sevruga, and Osetra, and those species live in the Caspian and the Black Sea, the South Atlantic regions of North America, parts of the Pacific Northwest, and in large lakes and rivers in Europe.

What Is the Best Caviar in the World?

According to many, the best caviar in the world comes from the Beluga sturgeon, which inhabits the Caspian Sea and is a critically endangered species. Due to that status, beluga caviar is very rare to find and one of the most expensive types overall. The average price per pound ranges from $3,200 to $4,500. However, this is not the most expensive kind. 

What Is the Most Expensive Caviar in the World? 

As the Guinness Book of Records shows, the caviar with the highest price is the Almas white-pearl caviar that originates from rare, wild Iranian albino Beluga sturgeons with pigmentation defects. The price per one pound exceeds $15,000 and is definitely the most expensive caviar in the world. Here is how it tastes.

If You Want the Most Similar Taste to Beluga Sturgeon Caviar, Choose One That Comes From Paddlefish 

Finding beluga caviar is hard because of the endangered status it has. However, paddlefish is quite a good substitute because it has the most similar taste. Another benefit of choosing paddlefish is that this fish can be found in the US, which automatically means a lower price. 

The Best Caviar Brands in the World Preferred By Michelin Chefs 

Caviar is one of the indispensable dishes offered in the most luxurious restaurants all around the globe. Although the preparation of this dish looks simple, combining all the ingredients to make something extraordinary is actually an art. Expectedly, using top-quality caviar is a must, and here are some brands that Michelin chefs prefer most when cooking this delightful dish: 

  • Rossini is one of the best Scandinavian and world caviar brands. Its rich, nutty, and creamy flavor is love at first bite and served in the world’s leading restaurants across America and Europe. Rossini produces a couple of different caviars, including white sturgeon, two kinds of Baerii, Oscietra, Beluga, and Gold Selection. All those are harvested from farms in Poland, France, Italy, and China, which makes it easy to ship their product all over the globe. 
  • Sasanian Osetra Caviar is another top-rated brand that is a mix of American and Polish osetra farms. This black-perled caviar has a buttery flavor and is usually fresh-packed. It is shipped all around the world and it comes in a thermo-secure box that ensures freshness anytime you serve it. 
  • Tsaritsa Alaskan Salmon Red Caviar is produced from wild Alaskan salmon using traditional Russian methods. Freshness is something this brand strives to provide to its consumers, and for that reason, the expiration date is strictly limited. Make sure to consume the product the moment you open it, otherwise, it won’t be usable the next day. 

Which Country Has the Best Caviar in the World?

Thanks to their geographic position and vicinity of the Caspian Sea, Russia and Iran have dominated the caviar market producing top-quality caviar for decades. The Caspian Sea is the largest inland salt-water lake on Earth and home to more than 400 endemic species, among which are Caspian salmon, Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga, and Persian Sturgeon, main species for producing caviar. 

Codes that Show You’re Buying Some of the Best Caviar in the World 

Caspian Sea is known as the origin of Beluga Sturgeon, a species that gives top-quality caviar. Since the offer is wide, and there are many producers, it’s quite hard for buyers to recognize the country of origin or be assured of its quality.

Common NameSpecies OriginSpecies Code 
BelugaHuso husoCaspian SeaHUS
OsetraAcipenser gueldenstaedtiCaspian SeaGUE
Sevruga Acipenser stellatusCaspian SeaSTE
Persian SturgeonAcipenser persicusCaspian SeaPER
Siberian SturgeonAcipenser baeriiSiberian Rivers BAE
Russian SturgeonAcipenser gueldenstaedtiiCaspian and the Black SeaGUE
Baikal SturgeonAcipenser baerii baicalensisLake BaikalBAI
Yangtze Sturgeon Acipenser brevirostrumYangtze RiverDAB
American PaddlefishPolyodon spathulaLakes and rivers of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky.SPA
Adriatic SturgeonAcipenser naccariiThe Adriatic Sea and large rivers in Italy, Greece, and the BalkansNAC

However, don’t forget that there are mixed species too, which are usually a product of farming. Those species are also known as hybrids, and there are two different codes that define their origin: 

  • Code for male species: YYY YYYxXXX 
  • Code for female species: XXX YYYxXXX 

Although farmed, caviar produced this way is still top-quality thanks to high standards that demand sustainable and ethical breeding, and this is something you’ll find easily in a supermarket.

So whenever you want to surprise yourself or your loved one, shop for some top-quality caviar, follow this caviar recipe and prepare an extraordinary dinner to remember. 

Here is a list of my ten favorite caviar recipes.

Red, Black, or White Caviar? There Are Many Different Kinds of It, Which One Will You Pick?

Depending on the type of fish, the caviar will look and taste differently. We saw that white caviar is considered the best and most expensive one. Luckily, there are red and black caviars that are more represented, affordable, and easier to get, even in supermarkets. So whether you decide to buy it and make the dinner on your own or try it in one of the best Michelin restaurants, don’t forget to check the origin, which is the best guarantee of quality.