Can You Eat Lobster Caviar?

Lobsters are known to be one of the most delicious items on every seafood menu. But, can you eat lobster caviar? Big fans of lobsters might have already heard about special caviar made out of this unique species, so if you wish to know some of the most important and interesting information about this special caviar, keep reading.

Yes, caviar lobster is edible and is much tastier than you can imagine. The biggest controversy around caviar lobster is the procedure of extracting eggs from the lobster, as the majority believe it is unethical. However, some companies produce lobster caviar legally and ethically and sell it to customers worldwide.

Lobster on the market

If you’re a lobster fan, you will surely love this unique and exclusive product. So without further ado, let’s dive into everything you need to know about this delicacy.

Caviar From Lobsters Is the Real Deal and Totally Edible

When you think about caviar, the majority of people know that it is a luxurious product made from fish roe, mostly enjoyed among the high-end clientele. While some of the most popular types of caviar are Beluga caviar and the delicious Ossetra caviar, others are coming onto the luxury food scene and gaining great popularity.

While cooked lobsters are known to be one of the most delicious seafood dishes and quite popular in various cuisines worldwide, the same cannot be said about lobster caviar. As a matter of fact, not a lot of people know that such a thing exists and believe it is not even edible. However, it does very much exist, and this delicious luxurious food is becoming quite popular, but only to a small number of consumers.

Lobster Caviar Is a Very Unique and Exclusive Product

Caviar comes in different forms and packages; some are much more affordable than others. While some of the most expensive caviars range up to around $100,000 per kilo (about 35 ounces), there are some cheaper ones you can find at local supermarkets. The price usually represents the quality, and with caviar, you can choose which one fits your taste and budget the best.

However, lobster caviar is a bit more exclusive and not very accessible. Since this product comes from non-berried female lobsters, the process of creating it is much more complicated. In fact, creating this unique product is a carefully guarded secret that makes it very inaccessible.

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What Does the Process of Creating Lobster Caviar Look Like?

Not a lot of companies sell lobster caviar, as it is such an exclusive recipe, only known by a small number of people. The original creator of the lobster caviar idea was chef Pierre Bouriaud who had worked with lobsters for years.

The caviar is made through the process of purification of the eggs with salt, sodium alginate, and water. After this process, they are packed in 50-gram product jars and kept for up to five months in special refrigerators. After they go through this entire production procedure, they are ready to be sold to customers worldwide.

The Production Process Is Hundred Percent Ethical and Legal

The main thing about the production of lobster caviar is to extract the eggs from female lobsters before they release them onto their bodies, as landing a berried female is strictly prohibited. Bouriaud had to think of an idea that is 100% safe and ethical towards animals. The mentioned chef has stated that it took him around 18 months to create the perfect recipe and make it ethical for the animals.

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Can You Eat Lobster Caviar Just Like Other Types of Caviar?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Even though lobster caviar has a distinguished taste and is much different from other fish roe caviars, it should still be served in the same way as all the other caviars.

It is recommended that you serve and eat caviar at a cold temperature using a non-metal bowl. For the tasting, you should serve it in small amounts on plain crackers, blinis, or thinly sliced toast pints. Lobster caviar, just like any other caviar, goes well with various drinks, such as

  • Vodka,
  • Champagne,
  • White wine,
  • Sherry,
  • Prosecco.

The Price of the Lobster Caviar Is Not Very Expensive

Because this product is so exclusive, you might come to think that it sells at a skyrocketing price. However, that is really not the case. At the most popular lobster caviar company, Sasanian Caviar, lobster caviar sells at the price of $10.99 per 50g jar (around 1.8 ounces). Even though it is very affordable, it is not quite accessible.

Most of the time, this product is out of stock and has to be ordered in advance. In the table below, you can see that lobster caviar is much more affordable compared to some other popular types of caviar on the market.

Type of CaviarAmountPrice
Lobster Caviar50 grams$10.99
Beluga Kaluga Hybrid1 ounce$130
Imperial Osetra Caviar50 grams$249.99
Iranian Pearl Asetra50 grams$165
Osetra Supreme50 grams$154.99

You Can Also Try Some Other Interesting Lobster Products

Besides lobster caviar, there are also some other products from this special sea creature that are gaining popularity in various countries. For example, lobster oil made out of canola oil infused with filtered lobster is becoming quite demanded on the market as it combines perfectly with various dishes such as pasta and salads.

If you love experimenting with different foods or are already a big fan of lobsters, we highly recommend you try lobster butter, lobster pate, and lobster terrine. The unique taste of these fantastic products will offer you an incredible culinary experience you certainly don’t want to miss.