Best Caviar For The Money – Eat Like A King For Cheap

When most people think of caviar, they envision wearing a tuxedo while sitting at a fancy restaurant, sipping champagne out of a crystal glass, and eating caviar with golden spoons. While this isn’t that far from the truth, what about the average Joe who just wants to enjoy some caviar at home? 

So, what’s the best caviar for the money? Marky’s Caviar is, by far, the best caviar for the money. Their dedication to providing high-quality, sustainably-harvested caviar is just one of the things that makes them the best. In addition to this, they have incredibly fair prices and also offer a variety of different caviars to select from.

Best Caviar For The Money

In today’s article, I’m going to break down why I think Marky’s has the best caviar for the money and also mention some other great American caviar brands that I’ve had the pleasure of trying before. 

You don’t need to be a king to eat like royalty. In my experience, caviar is best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, paired with your favorite wine or bubbly and a light meal to accompany it. 

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Best Reasonably Priced Caviar – Is It Possible to Find?

Caviar has been a delicacy enjoyed by the wealthy for centuries, but with some savvy shopping you can enjoy it without breaking the bank. Finding the best caviar for your money means more than just finding an inexpensive option. It also means looking for freshness and quality, as well as considering what type of fish roe is most appropriate for the occasion or dish you are preparing.

At its most basic, caviar is the salt-cured fish roe from sturgeon. Most commonly linked to Russia and Iran, this delicacy is often served as a garnish on canapés and other appetizers. However, it can also be enjoyed as an accompaniment to other dishes as a topping or added to sauces for an extra-special finish.

Why Marky’s Caviar Is The Best Caviar For The Money

If you do a quick Google search for online caviar brands, you’ll be amazed at how many cheap Chinese brands pop up. Since the import of certain Russian sturgeon species has been banned, China has taken over as the delicacy’s dominant exporter.

However, many of these Chinese distributors simply can’t be trusted. Their sturgeon are often fed growth hormones to make them bigger and are farmed in over-crowded tanks that are rank with disease and death. 

In order to prevent that from trickling down into the food, the mass-producing farmers also have to fill the tanks with antibiotics and chemicals- substances that can be very harmful when consumed by humans. 

This is why I always encourage caviar eaters to buy American. The U.S. has strict laws governing the farming, harvesting, and production of fish roe, ensuring that you’ll only ever get the highest-quality product that’s 100% lab-tested for safety and the presence of bacteria. 

There is a small handful of caviar brands in-country, and out of these Marky’s Caviar is hands-down my favorite.  And it’s not just because it’s the best inexpensive caviar.

Here’s why I always recommend them. 

Price And Value

One of the top things I like about Marky’s Caviar is that they provide excellent value. When you compare the price and quality of the caviar they sell to other companies (both foreign and domestic), they’re hard to beat. 

Sure, you may find a couple of other caviar companies here and there who offer slightly lower prices, but you’ll often find that their caviar quality isn’t as consistent, and you’ll be easily disappointed. 

For example, their American hackleback caviar comes at an incredible price- just under $30 per gram! I’ve seen competing brands sell hackleback for as much as $45 per gram. Not only will you pay a lower price with Marky’s Caviar, but when you crack the jar open, you’ll have a jar packed full of perfectly-sized beads.

As you move up and purchase higher quantities, you’ll also get a fair price reduction. This is perfect if you’re hosting a dinner party or want to share some of your caviar with friends and family. 

Gift Sets Available

If you’ve been trying to get your friend to try and enjoy caviar, then you can mail them one of Marky’s gift boxes. These boxes typically include a small jar of high-quality caviar, a pack of crackers, some spread, and other pairings that let the consumer create the perfect caviar appetizer. 

If you’ve ever wanted to sample multiple types, Marky’s also has sampler gift sets available. These boxes include multiple varieties of caviar, so you’ll know which one you want to order more of next time.

Overall, Marky’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the way that they make the delicacy easy to enjoy and access by everybody- even first-timers! 

Strong Reputation

Marky’s has been sourcing and selling caviar since 1984, making them one of the longest-standing caviar brands in the country. A quick Google search is all you need to know to see their reputation. 

They rank in the top results for “best caviar,” have been written about numerous times by some of the top food publications, and their website is full of 4 and 5-star reviews from their satisfied customer base. 

When it comes to choosing caviar, I always go with the brands recommended by industry professionals and chefs. 

Caviar Selection

Another great reason to go with Marky’s Caviar is that they have an astounding selection of caviar. No matter what type of caviar you want, they’re guaranteed to have it! There are over 27 different varieties of caviar listed on their website, and they do a great job of keeping everything in-stock year-round. 

When it comes to caviar, variety is the spice of life. You wouldn’t drink the same bottle of wine or champagne every day of the year, so why would you eat the same type of caviar every time?

One of the reasons why caviar is considered such a delicacy is that there are so many different flavor profiles available to eat. Black and dark brown varieties that come from younger sturgeon tend to be saltier and have a crisp finish, whereas gold and yellow varieties that typically come from mature sturgeon are known for their nutty flavor and buttery finish. 

Commitment To Quality 

The possibilities are endless, and with Marky’s, and you can make each purchase with the confidence that you’ll receive only the highest-quality product available. Marky’s has a rigorous selection process that ensures all caviar sold on their site is lab-tested. 

They examine each batch to ensure great flavor, good bead size, and no presence of artificial additives and take pride in the fact that each jar is hand-packed to order

All of their facilities are certified compliant with the FDA’s strict HACCP storage regulations to ensure maximum food safety. This is very important when it comes to caviar. They’re a raw ingredient and are not pasteurized. The only thing that keeps them fresh and safe is their salt brine and by keeping them stored in perfect conditions. 

American-Sourced Caviar

Although Marky’s imports some of their caviar from Russia, Ukraine, Panama, and Germany, many of their caviar selections are obtained from local U.S. farms and fisheries! 

In fact, their prized beluga caviar comes from the only legal beluga farm in the country, Sturgeon AquaFarms, with whom they have an exclusive deal. Other examples of their U.S. products include their wild-caught American hackleback caviar, farm-raised white sturgeon, and wild-caught salmon roe from the Mississippi River. 

As I mentioned earlier, many of the top distributors of caviar in America import products from China. Marky’s is one of the few that does not. They are committed to providing customers with the best, and by working with local American fisheries and fish farms, they not only keep their prices affordable but support other U.S. businesses, which is especially important after COVID. 

Some Other Great Caviar Brands To Check Out

Although Marky’s is my favorite, and they definitely sell some of the best caviar for the money, there are a few other caviar brands that I also order from, depending on the occasion. Most of them don’t have the same variety and selection, but if you’re looking for specialty ceviche, these are always worth checking out. 

Russ And Daughters

Russ And Daughters is arguably one of America’s oldest procurers of caviar. It was started in 1915 by Joel Russ, a Jewish immigrant from Poland. Once his three daughters were of age, he brought them on as business partners. Since then, their small cafe and fish restaurant has exploded

I had the pleasure of visiting their cafe, where they serve a range of kosher appetizers, bagels, smoked fish, and of course- caviar. Here is some more information about Kosher caviar.

They also ship all over the country! Their hackleback caviar has a very rich flavor and smooth finish. 

I also tried their signature green caviar that’s made from the roe of flying fish! It doesn’t have that traditional sturgeon caviar taste, but it definitely makes for an interesting experience and is worth trying if you’ve never had it. 

Tsar Nicoulai – the Best Caviar Brand

Tsar Nicoulai is a small family-owned and operated farm based in California’s Central Valley. They started in 1984 and have been producing some truly excellent caviar and beef steaks ever since. I particularly like the farm-to-table approach that they take when it comes to raising their sturgeon. 

Tsar Nicoulai specializes in white sturgeon caviar, although they also produce a small selection of salmon roe, whitefish roe, and pearl trout roe. 

The fish are kept in large outdoor aquariums and man-made lakes where they eat an exclusive diet of non-GMO food, get lots of oxygen, and plenty of sunshine. All of this results in large, healthy fish that produce some of the West Coast’s bestcaviar. 

Like Marky’s, you can always be sure that Tsar Nicoulai’s caviar is 100% chemical-free. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or low-quality food is given to the fish. While this brand does tend to be a bit on the expensive side, the quality is hard to beat for the money. 

Marshallberg Farms – the Best Budget Caviar

If you’re looking for some of the best American farm-raised osetra caviar, then you can’t go wrong with Marshallberg Farms. Also, the good news is that it’s among the best affordable caviar farms in the US. While Marky’s has a decent selection of osetra, I really like the “hatch-to-harvest” methodology behind Marshallberg Farms, and it shows in the taste of their caviar. 

Like Tsar Nicoulai, this brand is dedicated to organic, free-range, chemical-free fish farming and harvesting. They’re located in North Carolina and are one of the few farms in America that produce osetra. 

Osetra caviar is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest varieties and is second only to beluga caviar. It’s known for its rich, nutty, and earthy flavor that comes with a silky smooth finish. They sell several varieties of osetra caviar that range from the dark brown and black pearls obtained from younger sturgeon to the expensive yellow/gold pearls obtained from more mature sturgeon. 

Olma Foods Caviar – Cheap Caviar With Amazing Taste

Olma is newer to the caviar scene. They’re based in Brooklyn, New York, and started in 2001. They import all of their sturgeon caviar from Italy, Israel, China, and South Korea. However, their salmon roe comes from wild-caught salmon obtained domestically. 

Although they primarily import caviar, they have a very high standard of quality, which means that you won’t have to worry about the problems that you might face ordering direct from China. 

They specialize in an ancient method of caviar brining known as “Malassol” which means “low-salt” in Russian. This methodology helps to reduce the salty bite that’s common in cheaper caviar and really brings out the flavor of the black sturgeon caviar. 

Last but not least, I have to say that their pricing is very fair and is comparable to Marky’s caviar price (although they don’t have the same variety). 

Paramount Caviar – Reasonably Priced Caviar on the Market

Like Olma Foods, Paramount specializes in importing and repackaging caviar. They import from countries worldwide and are careful to only work with sustainably farmed caviar harvests to ensure that they aren’t in violation of the Caspian Sea trade ban. 

Founded in 1981, Paramount is a trusted supplier of caviar to many of New York City’s top restaurants, and their reputation is their claim to fame. That’s how the brand gained the good cheap caviar title, after all.

Apart from their foreign imports (which can be quite pricey), they have a great selection of domestic locally-sourced caviar such as hackleback, California sturgeon, American salmon and trout roe, and even paddlefish caviar! Their domestic caviar is very fairly priced. 

What Is a Good Affordable Caviar – Have the Best Tasting

If you like caviar, you’re just going to have to accept that it’s an expensive habit. That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t reduce the amount of money that you spend on it and get the best cheap caviar. Instead of purchasing expensive hors d’oeuvres at 5-diamond rated restaurants, try ordering your own caviar from one of these excellent providers! 

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