How Expensive Is Red Caviar?

It is no secret that red caviar has gained immense popularity among most consumers nowadays. One key factor that has played a substantial role in the emergence of red caviar into the mainstream is its low price.

But just how expensive is red caviar?

While the price of red caviar can be determined by a number of factors such as fish type, region of origin, and market availability. Pink salmon roe, which is currently the most popular type of red caviar, has a starting price of $40 per two pounds.

The rich variety in red caviar will make it impossible to summarize the topic in just a few sentences. In today’s post, I will go over each red caviar type, the typical red caviar price, and the way different factors influence how much it costs.

How Expensive Is Red Caviar?

First things first, let’s determine the types of red caviar. Red caviar refers to the kind of caviar that comes from any fish belonging to the Salminadoe family. Such fish are pink salmon, coho salmon, rainbow trout, chum salmon, and Chinook salmon. 

With that out of the way, let’s compare each one to the rest of the group. Usually, it goes like this: the larger the grain, the more expensive the caviar. If you want to get yourself some high-quality red caviar, you need to spend upwards of $5 per OZ.

This rule means that Sockeye salmon caviar is the cheapest per pound, considering its size. Pink salmon and coho salmon also follow this principle. Chum and King salmon produce the largest salmon eggs and are accordingly most expensive among all others.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that Sockeye salmon caviar is worse than the others. Many caviars are often a matter of personal taste. You’ll hear caviar purists that only acknowledge black caviar as the real deal criticize sockeye salmon caviar or any other red kind. But many red caviar fans don’t like the black caviar’s bitterness or overly salty taste, and that’s OK, too.

Freshness, abundance, and maturity are also determining factors in defining the caviar price. It is of great importance that the roe is harvested at the right moment to preserve the quality of the red caviar. The opposite will damage the flavor and texture.

Is Red Or Black Caviar More Expensive?

Due to the rarity of black caviar, it is much more expensive than red caviar. The substantial price difference is influenced by the slow reproduction cycle of Beluga and Osetra sturgeons, from which black caviar comes. 

In comparison, the fish types that produce red caviar are more abundant in the wild, and the caviar is easily accessible. Compared to the sturgeon, the salmon caviar price makes this food almost like a household ingredient – although its prices aren’t to be played with, either.

Just because red caviar price per kg is more affordable, it doesn’t mean it’s lower in quality. There are numerous differences between red and black caviar, from extraction methods to rarity. All of it determines the cost per kg and often influences the flavor.

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Can I Buy Red Caviar Online?

Yes, of course! However, I suggest that you research the market before ordering caviar online. Be especially careful when you order caviar Whole Foods. Don’t be shy to type in a query like “red caviar buy online” and find the most suitable ordering place and method.

Due to the accessibility of red caviar nowadays, many companies purposefully offer low-quality products you should avoid at all costs. Keep that in mind when purchasing red caviar products.

Another thing you should pay attention to when you buy red caviar online is how they package it before sending it. Some retailers don’t pay attention to the shipping methods, which need to be meticulous in order to maintain the roe’s quality. Otherwise, an affordable red caviar price won’t mean much.

How Much Is Red Caviar in Russia?

The average price of red caviar is just over $4 per 100 grams, which is more affordable in comparison to rates in the United States. Keep in mind that the delivery fee may be high if you’re not ordering locally. Of course, before you decide to check out the red caviar price per kg in any other market, make sure they deliver to your location and that the delivery fee isn’t astronomical.


Although red caviar is way less expensive than black caviar, it is a legitimate delicacy you can afford without sacrificing quality. The salmon caviar price shouldn’t determine its quality, especially if you’ve never actually tried black sturgeon caviar for comparison.

Black caviars are tough to get by, they’re rare because of a low sturgeon population and when you do encounter it, it’s too expensive to even look at. Salmon and other red types of caviars won’t disappoint you at all. They’re also fish eggs, extracted in a more humane way, and sweeter to consume.

Salmon roe can also be used in numerous dishes, and it’s not limited to just eating it with a spoon. You can garnish many dishes with it and eat it with rice and pasta.