Why Is Beluga Sturgeon Not Kosher?

Why is Beluga sturgeon not kosher? Learn whether you can eat this fish without wondering whether it's the right thing to do.

If you’re considering tasting one of the most luxurious delicacies in the world, but you’re also on a strict kosher diet, you need to know some things first. The first is surely knowing the answer to the question ”Why is Beluga sturgeon not kosher?”

Beluga sturgeon are not considered kosher because this fish doesn’t fulfill all the requirements. According to the major Rabbinical bodies in the US, only fish whose scales can be removed without ripping the skin is kosher. Since this is not possible with sturgeons, the Beluga is not considered kosher.

Numerous surgeonfish in water

Check other Beluga sturgeon specifications and whether Jews can still eat its roes. Keep reading and find out.

Why Is Beluga Sturgeon Not Kosher?

Only the fish with scales and fins are considered kosher, and you can eat its eggs, as they are considered kosher too.

But, when it comes to sturgeon, not only is it an endangered species, but it’s also not kosher. However, you need to know that not all fish with scales are kosher.

Those with embedded scales in the skin or invisible to the naked eye aren’t kosher either. Species whose scales can’t be easily removed are also non-kosher.

Explore Kosher Caviar Alternatives

Since kosher caviar has been in demand in the last decade, no wonder why many people are interested in this luxurious delicacy.

That’s how a famous Russian company developed an amazing sturgeon substitute that has all the same characteristics as traditional, but it’s kosher.

However, for many people, this can be quite unclear, so here are some of the most popular caviar species that aren’t kosher:

  • Sturgeon,
  • Sand lances,
  • Burbot.

Check Which Fish Are Considered Kosher

There are numerous gourmet food lovers who would like to try caviar, but they can’t because they follow a strict kosher diet.

If you’re wondering what kosher caviar options are the best, don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

In fact, there is still a large number of fish that are allowed under Jewish religious laws, so people can still consume their meat and products like caviar.

But, what caviar you can eat besides Kaluga, Sevruga, Beluga and Osetra? Check which fish is kosher and which one isn’t.

Atlantic and Pacific salmons
Dolphin fish

What Can You Expect From Kosher Caviar?

Even though the caviar market is spreading nowadays, many people don’t know about numerous kosher caviar options. But, besides all the strict rules about kosher fish, those who are Jewish can still find some of the best caviars and enjoy the unique taste of this luxurious delicacy.

However, the best way to buy kosher caviar is still in the Rabbinical supervised stores. This doesn’t mean other stores aren’t reliable, but you’ll need to be more careful when purchasing this kind of kosher delicacy. So, now you can buy reliable caviar, but always have a kosher certification on your mind.