Interested in Caviar? Here Are Some Products You Need to Check Out

Two things about me can’t be denied, I’m a total food buff, and I’ve been stuck at home quite a bit. Out of boredom and feeling nostalgic for nice restaurants, I have excitedly been browsing for products I’ve never tried before. One day, I felt a little fancy and decided to order several caviar products. 

From top-notch caviars to beautiful gift sets, I came across a wide array of amazing brands. 


Out of all the caviar brands I’ve tried, Marky’s is undoubtedly one of the standouts. Marky’s Sevruga Premium Sturgeon Black Caviar and Russian Osetra Sturgeon Black Roe made my Friday night at home feel like I was a part of an extravagant event. They were my favorites from Marky’s and actually tasted like the ocean. 

There is no artificial coloring or flavoring, as well as no preservatives in their caviars. The freshness and natural nutty flavor of the sturgeon hit my tastebuds instantly. I was excited by my first caviar experience and eager to try more. 

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, Marky’s Baerri Osetra Sturgeon Black Caviar from Italy is a great introductory caviar as well. Black caviars are the most popular for a reason, the saltiness and coloring was enough to satisfy me and recommend this caviar to others. 

Marky’s also has caviar products harvested from the states! There’s an American Hackleback Caviar and an American Bowfin caviar. Not only do they prove luxurious ingredients don’t have to be European, they’re affordable options that have the same nutty, fresh and clean flavors as the Sevruga and Osetra varieties. 

Personally, I liked the tanginess from the American Bowfin caviar and it stood out from the rest. It’s impossible to pick a favorite though! This is why their gift sets are one of the smartest ways to be properly introduced to the rich flavors of caviar. More about that later!


We’ve barely touched the surface here, so let’s talk about Olma. I had to try the Beluga Hybrid caviar because it’s advertised as the top-rated black caviar in the world! I gotta say, it makes sense, and the buttery notes were incredible and it was clear that it was made with fresh sea salt. 

The thing about caviar is that it’s not only delicious and fancy, but it’s also a learning experience! The sea salt used when making the Beluga Hybrid isn’t just added to the fish eggs, it’s included using a Russian technique called “Malossol,” which just means “low salt.” Salt is meant to heighten natural flavor instead of overwhelming, which is exactly how it tasted. 

The Beluga Hybrid from Olma is worth the price, but if you want to try a caviar that suits your budget a little better you can try the OLMA Russian Osetra Caviar. You’ll still get to enjoy the OLMA experience and the fish eggs when they’re the most mature. The maturity of the eggs gives you the classic nutty flavor caviar is known for, with a delicate and buttery texture. 

The OLMA American Hackleback Caviar can give you a great caviar introduction as well. The hackleback sturgeon caviar is on par with the flavor of Osetra and has the same smooth texture.

Caviar Gift Sets

I am a total sucker for a gift set. I love sampling a handful of products that are conveniently sold together as a bundle, especially food products! Marky’s has a gift set perfect for introducing your foodie loved one to the world of caviar. Their Nations Caviar Gift Basket comes neatly packaged in a cute Marky’s bag and lets you sample four types of caviar. 

You get to enjoy 1 oz of hackleback caviar, 1 oz of paddlefish caviar, 1 oz of bowfin caviar, and 1 oz of salmon caviar. It also comes with a mother of pearl spoon and mother of pearl dish, so you can sample these delicious caviars in style instead of with a boring spoon and bowl. It also comes with the perfect accompaniments, 16 blinis and crème fraîche!

OLMA have their own gift sets, as well, and it’s tough to choose a favorite between the two. OLMA Regal Caviar Gift Set has the cute cooler bag, four sample sizes of caviar, the utensils and crème fraîche. I would be totally fine just sampling the caviar, but the extra blinis were again the icing on the cake for me. 

If you already know you love caviar or if you would like more than 1 oz portions, you can try OLMA’s Siberian Osetra Aurora Caviar Gift Set. I liked this one because it gave me a bigger portion of their Siberian Osetra caviar at 250 grams, yum! As I had hoped, they didn’t forget the perfect amount of blinis and crème fraîche. 

If you’re looking to gift someone with the complete caviar experience, I certainly recommend these sets. I bought them both for myself, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself too! 


Blinis are tiny Russian pancakes made from wheat, and blinis with caviar is a classic pairing. Some of the best blinis I’ve ever tried again come from Marky’s. Their 2 pack deal of Russian Blinis for Caviar comes with 36 perfectly golden blinis, so I highly recommend these if you’ve decided to buy caviar on its own rather than as part of a gift set. 

So you may be interested in trying some caviar, but you might think you have to skip the blinis since you’re gluten-free. Luckily on my caviar journey, I came across a gluten-free package of blinis from Marky’s! Gluten-free Marky’s Russian Blinis taste exactly like the traditional blini and pair well with any type of caviar.

Caviar Spoons

When learning about caviar you soon find out that caviar and accessories go hand-in-hand, like these gorgeous B&M Handicraft Mother of Pearl Spoons that are handcrafted from the mother of pearl seashell found in Thailand! Yep, introducing yourself to caviar can take you around the world. This set includes 3 spoons that look great in your kitchen when you’re not enjoying caviar!

You can also get five tasting spoons with the DUEBEL Set of 5 Pink Mother of Pearl MOP Caviar Spoons. I have to admit, these may be a favorite since they can also be used to sample ice cream. Who can say no to white and gold multi-purposeful spoons?

DUEBEL also has a set of five spoons that have a gorgeous, light golden color. The DUEBEL Set of 6 Mother of Pearl 3.55′′ Caviar Spoons are also handcrafted and are the perfect base for 

the rich, fresh flavor of caviar.  

Caviar serving sets

Mother of pearl can also be produced by molluscs in Vietnam, who knew! I found this cute little HHA Handmade Mother of Pearl Dish from Vietnam. When you’re not using it for caviar tasting, it can be a jewellery dish or something to leave chocolates and candies in! 

This Caviar Serving Set from Ocean Mother Pearl includes one spoon and one dish, perfect for an individual tasting session! Again, crafted with mother of pearl it will set you up for a stylish evening of caviar sampling. With so many of us stuck inside, we all deserve a fancy night to ourselves. 

Here’s another Caviar serving set from Ocean Mother Pearl that takes things to the next level. This one includes a metal bowl underneath that gets cold when you add ice, keeping your caviar tasting chilled and fresh. I also enjoyed the fork and knife addition. 


I mentioned earlier how exploring the world of caviar was not just a great food experience, it’s also a learning experience. As an avid reader, I decided to check out The Philosopher Fish: Sturgeon, Caviar, and the Geography of Desire. I highly recommend this book for its informative tale of the scarcity of the sturgeon fish, and how the caviar harvesting industry depends on it to maintain jobs and livelihoods.